1. Crossfaded part 2: Playmates

    Date: 5/23/2019, Categories: True Stories Consensual Sex Drug, Lesbian Author: Bates21, Source: sexstories.com

    ... rested my head on her stomach trying to catch my breath also when Meredith said "Playmate huh?" with a grin. I smiled back at her and was about to lean in for a kiss when we heard the front door open and the unmistakeable stomping of Nick's boots came into our ears. We got off of each other quickly and tried to make ourselves look decent before he reached her room. He was so busy looking for his weed that he didn't even notice the hickeys that was all over us which gave us time to cover them up. He asked us what we did the whole day to which I replied "oh nothing. Just watched a movie." ***Let me know if a part 3 is wanted because there is a lot more stories that I have and any comments on how to improve my writing better will be deeply appreciated***