1. Local Gloryhole Fun With a Mature Guy

    Date: 6/11/2019, Categories: Gay Mature / Older Fetish Author: houserules, Source: xHamster

    Recently I’ve been chatting online with this guy in the area. He said that he hosts a gloryhole at his place from time to time, and he invited me to stop by sometime and participate. I was all for it! I’ve never been used at a gloryhole before, but the idea sounded really hot to me! Not to mention that this guy was extremely attractive! He’s 47, tall, well endowed. What could go wrong?! I’ve always wanted to get with an older guy anyway!Next thing I knew I was standing outside his apartment. He gave me some instructions to follow when I got here. He said the door was unlocked and to let myself in. Then I should walk straight ahead and I’ll see the gloryhole. Sure enough as soon as I walked in I could see the gloryhole! It was a blue silk sheet hanging from the ceiling to the floor in the middle of a hallway. There was a nice sized hole cut into the sheet at about waist level. I proceeded to approach the hole. I dropped to my knees and put my lips up to the hole and blew a kiss. I heard a smirk from the other end. I couldn’t see him though. I leaned back and stuck my finger through the hole and motioned for him. As soon as I did he stuck his cock through the hole. He was still a little soft so I gently grabbed his manhood and began gently tugging on his cock. I could hear him breathing harder. He was starting to grow. I love the way another mans cock feels in my hand. He was so warm and smooth. Beautiful large mushroom head tip, nice firm heavy balls. I started jerking him a  little bit faster. He was loving it! He was completely hard after about 20 seconds. I couldn’t hold off any longer. My mouth was watering and my own cock was throbbing in my pants. I grabbed his cock with one hand by the base and the other hand cupping his balls. I stuck out my tongue and slapped his thick mushroom head on my tongue. I pushed my lips further and cupped his head with my lips and bobbed up and down swirling my tongue on his tip. He tasted so good! I lifted up his 6in rod and placed his balls on my lips, slurping them up like the dirty whore I am! I could hear him moan while I was sucking, pulling each ball with a great suction. He moaned and whispered “fuck yeah baby suck me”i kept sucking his big sack while edging his head. Then I slowly licked up from his balls back up to his head, shoving his hard daddy dick back in my mouth. I bobbed my lips up and down his penis sucking like a vacuum. I could taste some pre cum leak into my mouth. It tasted so sweet! I stopped sucking for a second so I could catch my breath, so I proceeded to edge his head with my hand. Spit definitely makes a great lubricant for a handjob! I could feel his cock pulsate and bob up and down. I quickly stopped because I didn’t want him to cum. I wanted more. I wanted to continue this in the bedroom. I whispered to him “I want you to fuck me” “Here?” he said. “Let’s go to the bedroom.” I replied. He took down the bedsheet and I stood up. He led me to his bedroom and he layed back on the bed. I ...