1. What If? Pt. 16

    Date: 6/11/2019, Categories: Wife / MILF Author: bywutmytvben, Source: Literotica

    Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content. *****Chapter 45 - The Nest Begins to Empty Lessons in how to fuck began on the following Monday and were held (as a general rule) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. As with the very first lessons they taught to their very first students, they started with kissing and then moved on to erogenous zones before getting at genital stimulation and oral sex. On the off night when there was no class the twins were given a portion of a book to read or a video to watch. Ted and Carol would demonstrate on one another what they wanted their students to learn accompanying what they were doing with a commentary. Sometimes the lesson for Tommy and for Sarah was the same. Often it was different. After demonstrating, Ted would take Sarah, or Carol would take Tommy (they would alternate as to who would go first) and they would teach their student the technique they wanted the student to learn. There was soft music playing in the background. This was to cover up the conversation of the other couple who would be simply sitting on a couch observing. Ted or Carol would keep up a running commentary on what was going on with the other couple. After both Tommy and Sarah had gone through their period of instruction, they would take a break and then repeat the sequence once again of demonstration followed by individual instruction for each student. The goal of the classes was to teach each of the twins how to give maximum pleasure to  their partner and how to receive maximum pleasure from their partner. By the middle of summer the classes were done. Neither of the twins went off on some kind of a sexual binge with their newly acquired knowledge. If anything, they were more conservative than they were when they first wanted to learn how to fuck. Seeing their parents and their grandparents they realized that good sex was way more than getting your rocks off. But they were confident that when the right person came along, they would be prepared. Even when the classes ended the twins, individually would sometimes approach their parent, wanting to spend a day with them like the day their parents had spent with Grandma and Grandpa Mather. Ted and Carol were about to relent when Jean stopped over on a Wednesday evening. (By this time there was a gate in the privacy fence that separated the two back yards. Jean just knocked on the gate and came right in to the Watkins' back yard and up to the patio door.) Jean and Claude knew that Carol and Ted had taught their children how to fuck. She also knew that Ted and Carol were wanting to go on a double date with Jason and Rose on Friday, going to a dance club and then down into the playroom where they could fuck and watch their partner being fucked. Jean's proposition? "I'd like to invite Tommy and Sarah over to our hot tub on Friday night. What d'ya think?" "It's fine with me," said Carol. "I know you'll treat them right." "Let me know when they're home and I'll come over ...