1. Daddy's Girls

    Date: 6/11/2019, Categories: Incest / Taboo Author: e3221912, Source: xHamster

    Copied from another siteDaddy’s girlsAfter my wife left me I obtained custody of our two daughters. Being a lone father could prove itself challenging, having to raise two teen girls from a single salary wasn’t an easy task nor was explaining to them what is happening to their bodies once they hit puberty. But Lily and Eva were very smart for their age. They understood quickly what happened, why their mother isn’t around anymore, why they feel the way they feel and they gave me little trouble.Lily was the young one and sure enough she was more wild than Eva. She usually stood up late, talked to guys older then her and complained a lot. But I was proud of her, she as her sister had only Straight A’s and she never got into too much trouble. Eva though was much more mature then Lily, she understood that now there is no one to clean the house, cook or to be with them when I was away. To my surprise she matured much faster than I expected, she began cooking breakfast for her and her sister before I took them to school and I was pleasantly surprised to find the house always clean when I came home. She helped Lily with her homework and she took the responsibility of being my right hand.That is until one evening when I came home late, I had to stay more than usual in order to get a bonus for my salary that will allow me to be suitable for a promotion. I arrived at 10 pm on a Thursday night. Lily’s lights were closed telling me that Eva put her to bed early, I thought to myself that  she may have a test tomorrow and brushed it off. In the living room on the couch Eva stood and watched TV as I walked behind her and leaned down kissing her forehead.-Hi daddy. Her angelic voice said.-Hi lovely, how was your day ? I asked happily.-Good. I missed you. She replied as I went into the kitchen and took a beer from the fridge.-I missed you too dear, is your sister sleeping? I asked​ and I turned to see something that nearly made me drop my beer.-Mhm. She replied as she stood leaning against the counter wearing nothing but a pair of red lingerie panties and a white very tight t-shirt.-Eva! What the hell?! I asked angrily trying to keep my voice down so I won’t wake up Lily. Eva let out a giggle as she looked into my eyes and started coming approaching me slowly.-What is it daddy? She asked confused.-What is it?! What the hell are you wearing?! I replied revolted.-Do you like it? I picked it just for you. She said as she now stood inches away from me.-What?! I asked as she leaned and pressed her chest against me while I felt her hand land on my thigh and slowly making its way up as she stared into my eyes.-Don’t tell me you didn’t notice daddy. She said as her hand now reaches my crotch and I was holding myself not to push her in fear that my anger will take over and I might hurt her.-Ever since mommy left I tried to show you. I’m doing everything she did hoping that you will notice and you will love me like you loved her. She continued. My heart began beating faster ...