1. Academy Pursuits Ch. 02

    Date: 6/12/2019, Categories: Mature / Older Author: bySanpeux, Source: Literotica

    All characters are at least 18 years old. Be advised that since I am British, I will use many British spelling for words. Such as favour instead of favor, honour instead of honour, and so on. *** Taylor paused by the doorway, looking back down the way he had come down for signs of anyone. The last class ended around an hour ago, there would still be a few club active but this part of the Academy was deserted. He found no indication of anyone else, he then turned back around to the open door and peered through. "Give me another month, I can get the money for you," Anna said, pacing around the room. Taylor watched her for a few moments, she still wore her gym clothes. Which showed off her magnificent curves, from her toned legs and arms, to her flat stomach. She had a short black hair, that were spiky to the sides. Her breasts were large, even if they were firmly locked inside her gym bra. She bent down at the waist, one hand rummaging through her bag while the other held her phone. Her arse stretched the small gym shorts that she wore, he wanted to feel the firmness of them. Her creamy long legs looked firm descended from the shorts, showing off her beautiful bronzed skin. I am going to fuck her. Taylor thought, watching her stand back up straight. "Just a little more time, you don't need to throw me out so quickly." Anna said, a moment later slamming her palm onto the table. "Dammit Steve haven't I given my rent in fine for the last few months, I am just two months late now  due to the holidays. Give me some time and I can get you the rent. What...shit fuck you." She slammed her phone onto the table, breathing deeply she picked it back up and fiddled around with it. He took this moment to step into the room and gently close the door. When it clicked into place Anna whipped around to face him. "What...why are you here? " Anna said, the hand that held phone went to her chest before travelling to her hip. "Taylor right...the new kid?" "New kid, so I guess I have a title amongst the staff. I had hoped this Academy would be above such name calling." Taylor said, enjoying the view even more now. Her breasts stretched the fabric of her top, he was an arse man but her breasts were still tempting. His eyes travelled around her body some more before returning to her face. "Look I am sorry, I didn't mean it like that." Anna said, brushing a lock of black hair out of the way of her eyes. "Can you please tell me why you are here, or just leave. I am not in the best mood if you can't see that already." "It's because I have overheard you on the phone, you are in some financial difficulties, yes?" Taylor said, taking a step forward. A plan had formed in his mind on how to get her, this would be far different then with Yucera and more difficult. "That is none of your concern," Anna said, narrowing her gaze. "Really, do you forget who I am or was what you said earlier about being the new kid the only thing you know about me," Taylor said, stepping forward. "I know ...