1. Tales From The Bar. No.2.

    Date: 6/12/2019, Categories: Lesbian Author: suzi86, Source: LushStories

    First off, let me say sorry. We’ve met before although you might not realise it. Last time, I was telling you all about my adventures with lonely housewife Helen, but I never got around to introducing myself. My name is Maz. Okay, that’s not exactly my name but it’s what everyone calls me. My real name is Daisy May, which I loathe, and is something I curse my parents for on a daily basis. Luckily, I have one of those ditzy friends who keeps getting their words mixed up and one drunken night in the pub she called me Maisy Day. Everyone, including me, just fell about and it somehow stuck as a name which over time got shortened to Maz. But enough of me. You had my story last time. This time, I want to tell you about Sandra. Hers is an important story as she started the whole back room, Thursday night thing going. I used to have this lovely girlfriend that was everything I could possibly desire but as usual, I managed to spoil things big time. I will now admit that we split up because I couldn’t keep my hands to myself and I went a little bit crazy for a while over another woman. Looking back, it was so obviously a stupid mistake. Everyone could see it apart from love-struck me. In the end, I got dumped and the bitch ran off never to be seen again. I was in recovery from that disaster and had found myself a new friend. She was new enough to still be uncertain when I first met Sandra. It is all down to her that we have our little meetings once a week in the back room of the pub.  She’s the sort of matriarch of the group. She’s by far the oldest and undoubtedly the nicest by far. I came across her one night when I was out with Trish, the new lady friend but soon to be the latest ex, trying to have a quiet drink and a bite to eat one night. We found ourselves in a pub in a quiet backstreet near the town centre and settled ourselves into a corner on a table for two. After a while we became aware of the two women at the table next to ours. I had a better view of them than Trish and they began to intrigue me. At first I’d assumed they were a mother and daughter, but little nuances of their body language began to tell a different story. Maybe my gaydar was hyper-sensitive that night. I gave them both the quick once-over. The older of the two was maybe in her late forties, possibly even older and her hair, which was pulled back into a pony-tail, was already grey. Her face was very slightly wrinkled but there was something in her manner and her smile that made her attractive. Her companion was at least twenty years younger if not more. I guessed at very late teens or very early twenties. She was also petite and unbelievably gorgeous. Together they made a very unlikely couple. Not that I can talk. I’ll own up to 42 and Trish was only 26 so it was clear we both had a liking for younger women. I don’t know who started it but sometime during dinner we found ourselves chatting with them. Something seemed to click. Once the plates were cleared away, we rearranged ...