1. Another Nerd's First Time

    Date: 6/12/2019, Categories: Fantasy Teen Author: jdm320, Source: sexstories.com

    The week after Alyssa and I had sex, my life changed. I went from being a nobody, to the center of the attention of almost every popular girl at school. I had went from dodging pesterous jocks to being surrounded by hot girls. The attention was not just at school. At work, it seemed every time I turned around there was a girl standing behind me. I really enjoyed the attention, although I was not really sure why my status had changed. One night while helping my older sister, Charlotte, with her chemistry homework, she made a comment about my instant popularity. “Ernie, I am glad you found time from your busy schedule to help me,” she started. “It is no problem at all sis, family first,” I joked. “So how are you adjusting to you new found popularity?” She asked. I pondered on her question. “It is strange, but enjoyable. I do not understand why though.” “You don't understand? Are you serious?” She seemed surprised by my response. I looked at her dumbfoundedly. “Of course I am serious. I do not understand how I went from being King of the Geeks one day and the next being constantly surrounded by girls.” “To be so smart, you sure are dumb,” she laughed. We continued working on her chemistry, but my mind was stuck on what she had said. By her comment, I assumed she knew something. If it was so obvious, why hadn't I figured it out. The thoughts of our conversation soon evaporated as we sunk into my first love, science. I helped her work out some chemical equations and explained the  concepts of the molecular structures of some atoms. She seemed confused, but all the science talk had me excited. She finally told me to stop. It was getting late, and we had school the next day. She left the dining room table and went to take a shower. When she was done, I took my turn in the shower. The one bad thing about living in a house full of girls is that if you are the last to shower, there is not much hot water. By the time I had soaped my hair up, the hot water went away. So with icy cold water, I rinsed the shampoo from my hair as quickly as I could. I turned the water off, and my teeth were chattering because I was so cold. I dried, and dressed. I hurried to put my sleep pants and t-shirt on before hypothermia set in, then I left the bathroom and headed toward the warmth of my bed. As I walked by Charlotte's room, I remembered how our conversation had ended. I stopped, the door was opened so I cleared my throat to get her attention. She was brushing her hair while listening to some music through her ear buds. When I cleared my throat she looked up and pulled the buds from her ears. “What do you need, Ernie?” “Earlier, you said I was dumb, what did you mean by that?” She laughed, stood up and moved toward the door. My twin, Dedra was already asleep so when Charlotte was close enough she began to whisper. “You fucked Alyssa and all she has talked about is how good you were, and how big your...ah...you know, is. The girls that have been hanging around you are all ...