1. The Two Succubi

    Date: 6/12/2019, Categories: Wife / MILF Author: byAndrew1968, Source: Literotica

    This story will only have limited appeal. This is a cuckolding story. There are five characters. There are: 1. Two attractive, cruel and sexually assertive wives 2. Two beta-male wimp husbands 3. One 19 year old black stud. Two beautiful, calculating and manipulative Jezebels get what they want from the young male they share together, and from their cuckolded husbands. I have referred to the two women in this story as the two succubi. They drain males for their own ends - they drain a male sexually and financially. They keep feeding until a male is empty and exhausted. They keep feeding until a male is a mere shell or a mere shadow. Please don't bother sending me any rude emails, as they are routinely discarded. I'm not too concerned about rude comments, as I will delete them in due course. ******** Paul stood in the shower with his head bowed and his eyes closed tight. He exhaled hard and inhaled deeply as the scolding water belted his red scalp and cascaded down his pale skinny body. He stood there amidst the billowing steam and worked his small pink cock by hand. In the next room Paul's wife Jenny was in the process of squeezing her way into a tight cocktail dress. Jenny managed to get into the thing with a series of squeals and peals of laughter. She hopped up and down on the spot. She shimmied and wriggled. Jenny checked her appearance in the mirror once she had the dress on - she turned slowly and examined herself carefully from all possible angles, adjusting the dress  until she was happy with her look. She smoothed the dress with her hands. She faced the mirror, grinned and nodded at herself. "Looking good hot girl," Jenny whispered, liking the way the neckline on the tight dress dived deep and wide and showed off her cleavage. Jenny sat down on the edge of the bed and the dress rode right up her beautiful thighs. She grinned, wriggled and pulled the dress down. "Perfect," she said. She placed her toes into her lace-top stockings. She reached down and slowly unrolled and pulled the sheer material over her legs. She then stood up and stepped into her glossy high heels. She approached the mirror again and endlessly studied her own reflection. In the shower Paul stroked himself with hard rough jerks as he thought of Jenny and her preparation for her date with Sam and Annette. Paul had bought his wife the sexy dress after she pouted and complained of having nothing to wear. Her eyes had lit up and she had squealed with delight when Paul presented her with the dress. She held it up and turned slowly in circles. "Sam's going to love this dress Paul," Jenny had enthused, "what a great dress for our hot date." Then of course Jenny had wanted a new pair of matching high heels to go with the new dress. She of course had no appropriate high heels to wear. Paul had gone out and bought her a pair of expensive new shoes as well. Then she needed a new pair of stockings, etc. "Oh well, at least she was happy," Paul muttered softly. He wondered - how long ...