1. Era Erotica Ch. 05

    Date: 7/11/2019, Categories: Celebrities Author: bySlyguy1313, Source: Literotica

    ... Inside, clearly visible, was a very large and black strap on dildo. I raised my eyebrows and looked from the dildo to Karlie quizzically. "She wasn't quite ready for that this time. Maybe next time." Said Karlie, giving me a wink. "Next time?" "Yea. Like I said, you're not so bad." Said Karlie, one eyebrow cocked and a grin on her face. "Maybe we can do this again sometime." She closed the suitcase shut with a snap, zipped it up and left just like that. The door closed with a snap behind her. I shook my head and went to say goodbye to Taylor. She hugged me and thanked me again for this weekend. "Oh, did I mention." I said. "I'm actually moving to New York as well." "No way!" Said Taylor, punching me in the arm. "Why didn't you say before?" "I got a bit distracted." "I bet you did." "So now that we are living in the same city, maybe we can see each other a bit more?" "I would love that Cole." "Me too Swift. Me too." 2018 He texted Rachel on Sunday to make plans for next weekend. Cole checked his phone throughout the day, ...
    ... waiting on a response. That evening he received one, although not the one he was hoping for.Cole, I did have a good time on our date. I just got the feeling like you weren't totally there. Like maybe you were into someone else. Cole mulled over the text that Rachel had sent him. If he was truly honest with himself, perhaps she was right. Still he figured it wouldn't hurt to give it another try and see if something developed. These things could take time after all. He texted her back.To be honest, I was a bit nervous. It's been a little while since I was on a real date. I understand if you don't want to, but I'd like another try and see if this goes anywhere. After they opened a dialogue, they texted back and forth a bit. Rachel agreed to another date, just the two of them this time. Cole raised his fist in victory. They scheduled it for next weekend. He realized that he was actually looking forward to this. He was going to give a real shot this time. Taylor Swift was the furthest thing from his mind. End Of Chapter Five