1. Era Erotica Ch. 05

    Date: 7/11/2019, Categories: Celebrities Author: bySlyguy1313, Source: Literotica

    ... of us." The implication of her words hit me like a bolt of lightning. Taylor Swift was proposing a threesome with me and Karlie Kloss. "Y-y-yea. Yes. Of c-c-c-course." I stuttered out. Taylor laughed at the look at my face. She put her hands on my and kissed me gently on the lips. "You're sweet Cole. Thank you." "Thank you Swift!" I said more excitedly then I intended. She cocked an eyebrow at me. "Getting all excited about it now, huh?" "Maybe." I said, unable to conceal my smirk. Then something occurred to me. "Wait, so are you telling that you kissed- " She interrupted me before I could finish. "Yes. I kissed a girl and I liked it." Said Taylor with a wink of her eye. We ended up having dinner, just the three of us. Taylor cooked, she was an incredible cook. Karlie and I got to know each other a little better. Then after dinner and bit of wine, we all were to retire to the bedroom. Karlie took me aside briefly. "Look Cole, I know all about you." She said. "Oh yea? Like what?" "Taylor has told me many, many things about you. All very good. I just want to make one thing clear. I am here for Taylor, not you. Got it?" I nodded slowly. "Don't get me wrong. We are going to have fun. Lots of fun. But this weekend is about Taylor. Clear?" I nodded again. "Good. Now take this." She said, fishing something out of her pocket. It was a little blue pill. "Viagra?" "Not exactly. It's just a little something to ensure that you will be able to keep up with the two of us. Take it, no harmful side effects." "Are you sure I need it?" "You probably don't, but like I said, do you think you can keep up with both of us?" She said before dropping the pill into my hand and turning around walking down the hall, her hips swaying seductively as she went. I audibly gulped and stared after her. I looked down quickly at the pill in my hand and then at the slightly ajar bedroom door. I quickly swallowed the pill. I readied myself on the bed, clad in only my underwear as I waited for the other two women. Taylor came in first and her eyes lit up when she saw me. She looked a bit nervous, biting her lip with a crinkled forehead. She was wearing a set of simple yet elegant black bra and panties. Her hair was shorter than I'd ever seen, but her lips were still red and her eyes blue with just a touch of mascara. "We'll start together and Karlie will just slip in." Said Taylor. "Don't worry. This is going to be fun." I said reassuringly. "Of that I have no doubt." Said Taylor. "For you especially." She closed her eyes and puckered her red lips. I moved closed to her and embraced her, putting my lips on hers. As always when I kissed her, it felt like no other feeling in the world. Gradually she loosened up and we fell into one another. As we rolled around on the bed, running our hands over one another I felt Karlie slip into the room and onto the bed. Taylor jumped slightly as she felt the gorgeous model's hands on her back, running up her spine and unclasping her bra. Karlie was ...