1. Becoming Melissa's Cuckold Pt. 01

    Date: 7/11/2019, Categories: Cuckold Author: GreyMatter, Source: LushStories

    ... little less experienced too, she at least spoke less about the men in her life than the others did. Maybe that's why I liked her so much, but it didn't hurt that she was absolutely gorgeous too. Victoria was tall, brunette and had a slender model-like figure, which worked out well for her because she was a model. Before I'd met her or even knew that she as from the same city as I was, I'd seen her on billboards and poster sized ads in the subway. I couldn't believe it when I met her - it felt like I was meeting a celebrity - and really couldn't believe that she was more beautiful in person than she was in print. I was incredibly intimidated by Victoria, but she was a really nice girl and because of that the most approachable of Melissa's friends. I figured that maybe her looks scared other men away or something. When we went out as a group she'd often find her way over to me and we spent a fair amount of time together and had quite a lot in common. For one thing, she was a bit of a late bloomer too. Melissa's plan to hook us up was pretty simple - she'd talk me up to Victoria and open her up to the idea of dating me, while also coaching me up and give me the skills that I'd need to impress Victoria. Knowing that I was a virgin, one of Melissa's first bits of advice was to try to control myself when I masturbated. I was at an age when I still denied that I masturbated, but Melissa was having none of that. "I bet you jerk off every time you hear me getting fucked!" Although I didn't admit it, she was right. She taught me about 'edging' - masturbating to the point of orgasming, but stopping before there was a release. She told me that if I ever got with Victoria, I couldn't be a "two pump chump" and needed to learn how to control myself. It made sense to me, and I had a tendency to do whatever Melissa told me to do anyway. It was very embarrassing for me at the time, but for the next few weeks Melissa spent a lot of her time focused on my masturbation habits. She wanted to know when I masturbated, how often I masturbated and how long I was able to delay my orgasms for. I'll be honest, I was a 19 year old virgin living with an overly sexual beautiful woman so I masturbated a lot! I was doing my best to work on prolonging myself, but orgasm control wasn't the easiest thing for me to learn. Melissa kept a chart of my habits, but I lied to her. I wasn't honest about how many times I jerked off and I exaggerated how long I could control myself for. During this time, Melissa was subtly warming Victoria up to the idea of going on a date with me. She didn't come right out and say it, but was always sure to say something nice about me to her and pointed out how I wasn't like the other guys who'd let her down in the past. We continued to go out socially as a group and I made sure to talk to Victoria, make her laugh and feel comfortable around me - all tips from Melissa's coaching. After a few weeks, Melissa convinced me that Victoria would say yes if I asked ...