1. Its as good as I imagined

    Date: 7/11/2019, Categories: First Time Incest / Taboo Mature / Older Author: Badgirlm73, Source: xHamster

    After countless attempts to gain my son in laws attention it just happened. He was home sick with bad pneumonia. He hadnt slept in days from coughing and his doctor finally gave him cough syrup which my daughter had said turned him into a zombie at time he does things without realizing hes doing them because he takes more then he should. I finally put it in my head this is it I need to stop letting this built up inside me and with him semi out of thing I built up the courage to make the move. I just had to know if his feelings were the same or If I was doomed to a life of wondering what if.I came over with some food and to see how he was doing. He was laying in bed hardly able to get up without his meds. After checking on him I put the food away and came back to the room and talked with him. After the gulp of his cough syrup kicked in he thanked me for the food and then randomly stated I looked beautiful. I blushed said thank you for noticing and said his "Father in law hadnt said that in years". He was taken back by this and it caught him off guard. He stated "I cant believe that and if my daughter looked as good as I did at her age he would be the luckiest man on the planet." I blushed and told him well I've had work done IE my breasts. He blushed laughed and said he could tell the other day when I "fell" and they looked great. That turned into me telling him I saw him a while ago coming out of the shower and that my daughter was a lucky lady for having such a "Fit" man. Well this got a rise out of him. He adjusted his package blushed slurring his words saying "why thank you your daughter likes it to."I left the room and told him to get some sleep. After about an hour I peeked in the door and saw him masturbating while looking at his phone. His thick cock erect put me over the edge I knocked on the door and pushed it open. He stumbled trying to cover himself and act as if he was sleeping and I saw him phone. The phone had a close up of me in the white shirt with my nipples completely visible through the shirt. I shook him and asked him about the picture he was speechless and apologized about 100 times. I acted "upset" then said If you wanted to seem them dont be shy I've seen you looking which is fine. I've wondered about you as well. Lets just get this out in the open and stop being sneaky about it. I ripped off my shirt and said "You've seen them before so fuck it use this image from now on." He yelled slurring his words saying "what are you doing I shouldnt of taken that picture and looked away. I covered up then said "If you dont want to look then dont but If you do then look. He turned his head his face bright red and looked at them his eyes glazed over"I slide my hand on his throbbing cock and said "You've seen me let me see you and pulled off the blanket. He said I cant this isnt right." I grasped his cocked firmly and said "I wont tell if you dont." He tried to grabmy wrist for a moment then let go as I stroked his cock. His head on the ...