1. Its as good as I imagined

    Date: 7/11/2019, Categories: First Time Incest / Taboo Mature / Older Author: Badgirlm73, Source: xHamster

    ... pillow he laid back eyes closed telling me "this isnt right." When I saw his eyes closed I licked my lips, leaned in, and put his cock in my mouth. He moaned like i could feel the blood rush to his dick head. I only sucked him for a moment then kissed him. I rubbed my pussy while I kissed him and it was ready for him my clit was engorged and sensitive. I leaned back rubbing myself for a moment while he watched and said "We've gone this far do you want this"? He sat there motionless eyes glazed over obviously thinking about it. When he didnt make a move I took charge and said "I wont tell my daughter I need to feel something I need this Please just this once." Still nothing, Then I saw him grab his cock. I turned my back to him and was getting ready to leave then he said "WAIT" as I stood up.When I turned around he was out of the bed standing there face to face with me. He told me not to leave. I grabbed his cock and stroked it a few times then turned around and rubbed it on my wet pussy. I hadnt fucked in months my pussy was throbbing but he is very thick and Rubbing his head on my wet pussy I didnt think it would fit. The head slid in and it about dropped me to my knees I told him to wait. I got on the bed on my hands and knees and he entered me from behind slowly at first I could barely take him half way in and had to tell him to go slow. He told me to bite the pillow and arch my back. Now with my ass fully exposed up in the air breast firmly on the bed, I told ...
    ... him go slow and instead he thrusted into me and I felt like he split me in half I screamed. The next thing I knew he grabbed my hair and was pounding me from behind. I could feel his testicles wet from my pussy slapping against my engorged clit so vigorously that I didnt even need to rub myself I cam all over his cock. When I came my Son in Law said "Oh MY GOD (Daughters Name) ITS SO TIGHT IM CUMMING!" My pussy was contracting on his cock like I've never felt before. He pulled out and I fell flat on the bed his hot cum covering my back. He stood there for a moment then left the room.When he returned I had gotten dressed and he couldnt even look at me. He was shaken telling me I needed to leave, we shouldnt of done this, and I couldnt happen again. When I tried to talk to him he just simply said LEAVE! Right before I started writing this I messaged him asking if he was okay. All he said was "I'm so sorry I thought you were my wife." I told him that it was okay I came onto him and not to worry. He still hasnt responded but I hope he doesnt tell my daughter about this and I definitely hope this isnt the last time because I thought I just needed to get the curiosity out of my system and now I know I have to have him again. His cock it thick, long, and curved perfectly to hit my Gspot. People have said they have been addicted to sex with someone before and I know that's how my Son In laws dick is for me I have to have it again now. I just hope this wasnt a one time thing.