1. I Love All In My Family

    Date: 7/11/2019, Categories: Mature / Older Hardcore, Incest / Taboo Author: altaff143, Source: xHamster

    'Dama..dama..dama..dada..dada..dummmm...' our ears deafened for a second by the sound of thunder which followed a powerful lightening.It was raining heavily. I and my young brother in law Mahesh hideout ourselves in a small shelter. He stood to my left; folded his hands on his chest and shivering due to the chillness. The splashes of rain water made us almost drenched. My sari skimped with the curves of my beautiful body. The firm breasts took a rounded shape and stood proudly inside it. The rain further intensified accompanied with wind. So he came close to me with his fingers touching my boobs. While touching my boob the secretion of adrenalin made him shiver more and his hand patting the globe of my melon. I saw his dick become harder and making bulge in the side of his Bermudas.I,Shalini, aged 27 married elder brother of Mahesh since 8 years. I am a quite pretty woman fair looking, 5'9", having a structure of 36-28-38 with enormous breasts and beautiful rounded flared ass, weighing around 60 kgs and very fair complexion. I am little higher than the normal Indian women. My husband Suresh was 6' height and normal structure. We were perfectly matched each other.My husband and my father in law were running a small super market in the town which is 4 km away from our home. We were living as a joint family. My mother in law passed away 6 years back. My husband and my FIL will look after the stores alternatively. Since my husband went to nearby city for purchase, I came to the store to relieve my FIL for some time to take rest. After freshening up he returned to the stores and took over the charges. My BIL who is in study holidays dropped my FIL in the stores by his motor cycle and in return taking me to home. While returning home we were caught in the rain and so we stopped at this shelter.Mahesh was short and fatty like her mother. He is much fairer, 18 years old, around 5'3" in height and weighing around 80kgs.I felt his fingers drawing pattern on my tits. The rain was intensified further. Now he came closer to me and he was almost cupping my boob with his hand. He was trying to show him that he was not intentionally touching me and it was just an incident. But the bulge in his Bermudas showed that he was enjoying it.There is no sign of recession in rain."Mahesh shall we go now. I am lot of works to do in our house," I told him."Anni (the Tamil word used to call the wife of elder brother ) the rain is heavy. We will wait for some time," he replied in a disappointed voice."No we will move now," I came out of the shelter without waiting for his reply.He came out and kicked the starter of the bike severely which showed his disappointment over my decision. I sat sideways dropping both of my legs on the left side of the bike (normally Indian ladies will sit in this position only, when they wear sari). My right hand surrounded his waist with my palm rested on his fleshy belly; my left hand held the pillion.It was a sports model bike; hence the seat is ...