1. I Love All In My Family

    Date: 7/11/2019, Categories: Mature / Older Hardcore, Incest / Taboo Author: altaff143, Source: xHamster

    ... inclined towards the rider. So I was forced to rest my right on his back. Since I turned a little right towards him my right breast was pressing on his back. He started the bike and asked me to sit carefully.Due to the recent rains the road was damaged considerably. There were so many pot holes on the road filled with rain water. Even though he rode the vehicle carefully, it fell into a pot hole and my hand held in his belly dropped down directly over his dick. To regain the balance I held it firmly with my hand and adjusted myself. He was not wearing any under wear. I felt the length and girth of it over his Bermudas. It was so bigger than of a normal man and matched with his fatty body. My boobs were pressing so hard against his back due to my inclined position.This made his dick further hard and I could feel the pulse of the veins running over it. I felt His dick is so bigger than my husband. I wondered how he got such a big one at this age. My thoughts rolled back 8 years.I got married with Suresh in the year 2007. I was studying 3rd year degree course then. When I entered my husband's house Mahesh was only 10 years old studying his 5th class. At the time he was so cute with puffy cheeks, fatty like his mother and whitish in color. He was so pet to his mother and always covers himself behind her. He will not go anywhere or attached with others of his age group.He was afraid of coming near to me initially. I was very eager to pinch his puffy cheeks and kiss him often. I liked his fatty structure and wished to hug him to feel his slender flesh. Slowly she left his mother and came close to me. I used to take him tuition in the house. In the next exam he secured first rank. He was appreciated by his teachers and parents for his achievement. This made him more closer to me. He almost forgot his mother and always behind me whenever he is at home. I will often hug him towards me shoving his face in my tummy just below my breast line. There was a mother- son relation developed between us.Pongal festival was fast approaching. I and my mother-in-law put mehanthi(tattoo with natural color) on our hands when Mahesh went to school. On return from school seeing our mehanthi, he also wanted it and put in his hands. So I put it on his hands. Half an hour later he wanted to piss. Since he was mehanthi on both his hands he called his mother for help. My MIL was attending some cooking in the kitchen. So she asked me to help him.I took him to the bathroom, lowered his trousers and took his tender penis with my hand and lead him to piss in the toilet. It was very cute and fatty like a small banana. The size of it was much better than my hubby's flaccid cock. I liked it very much and patted it gently after he pissed. I was very eager to taste it in my mouth. I controlled myself remembering that he is a small boy. I cleaned it and dressed him up.That night, I gave my husband a wonderful blow job for the first time since our marriage. He was surprised by my action. ...