1. I Love All In My Family

    Date: 7/11/2019, Categories: Mature / Older Hardcore, Incest / Taboo Author: altaff143, Source: xHamster

    ... playfully. I am only for you. We made for each other."He hugged me tightly towards him and said, "Even mother son i****t is very common nowadays. I don't mind even if it happened to you. Life is to enjoy. Enjoy sex with whomever you want, unless it is harmful or hurt anyone. There is nothing wrong in it.""So you will have sex with other ladies if you find one better than me. Isn't it?" tears came out of my eyes while I am asking this.He kissed me on my lips and closed my mouth with his. We had a wild sex in that night which we had never before.I came into sense when I heard the sound of opening the bathroom door. I saw Mahesh came out of it after taking a bath. There is no bulge in his Bermudas. Probably he may released his cum which may deflated his cock. He also wear an innerwear to hold his dick tightly inside it.He sat on the couch adjacent to me. I noticed him that he is watching my nipples of my boobs which is poking out of the skimpy nighty. When I turn towards him he acted like he is watching the TV. The see saw was continued for some time. My soul told me that he is lust on me and so I am.Once again I travelled to my past.After 2 years of my marriage my MIL passed away. Mahesh was most affected by this incident. He was only 13 at that time. To console him I came closer and intimate to him and fulfilled his every need of affection and love which he will get from his mother. I often hugged him and he also used to whenever he feels happy or sad. Now he had grown up to my chest level. So his face would be shoved in the cleft of my breasts when we hugged. He liked the soft feeling of my firm breasts very much. Whenever he wished I put him on my lap and pat him to sleep. He always tell whenever he was in my hands he felt his mother in me.Now it was 3 years over after our marriage. So we decided to have a c***d and acted accordingly. Even after a year I didn't conceived. We consulted a doctor and had all the tests. The result was hit us like a thunder. I was perfectly alright to conceive a baby but my hubby had some defect in his semen. He couldn't become a father. The sperm count is very less in his semen.We were totally upset on hearing this. We didn't disclose this matter with our family members. We tried artificial fertilization and failed in so many attempts. Doctors advised for test tube baby and we didn't want go for that extend. Further I didn't want to continue the treatment. It was almost 6 years over now after our marriage.One day I proposed my hubby to adopt a c***d. But he was against it. He was very adamant that the c***d must be of our own family blood. Then only it could more affection towards us.I told him "It is impossible. We can't afford for a test tube baby. Further if it failed then we have to incur a heavy loss and mental tortures.""Why should we go for artificial fertilization? We can try it naturally," he replied me."Suresh I don't understand what you are telling. Doctors told that you can't become a father!" I ...