1. Date and Denial

    Date: 7/11/2019, Categories: BDSM Author: byThe_Master_J, Source: Literotica

    ... she pressed the call button, and she quickly darted in and chose her floor, aiming a cheeky wink at her date as the doors closed in front of him. She was perched on the end of her bed, shoes and jacket removed, blouse unbuttoned to the bottom of her chest by the time he stepped into her flat. "That wasn't very nice" he joked, as he hung his leather jacket up. "No," she replied, "it wasn't." "And you know what happens to girls who aren't nice?" "No, I don't." She lied, "you'll have to show me." Swiftly he stormed over the room, and gripped her tight around the throat, pulling her to her feet. "This," he barked "is what happens to bad girls." Her heart raced at his words, and at the crushing feeling of his hand on her neck. For a long moment he held her like that, staring hard into her big brown eyes with an evil glare, watching her grow more panicked as she struggled at his hand. Finally he relented, dropping her back to the bed. "Oh, is that all? Maybe I wanna be bad then," she teased, wiggling her body back and forth. Again he went for her throat, in one movement wrapping his fingers around her neck and pushing her down onto the bed, as he straddled her. "Maybe you wanna feel my hand around your neck?" He asked. "Maybe you want me to choke the fuck out of you? Maybe you wanna hurt?" His other hand slapped her across her cheek, and she let out a surprised squeal. "Yes" she panted back, "but you'll need to do better than that to hurt me." She saw the anger flash over his eyes as he heard what she'd said. He drew a slow breath through gritted teeth, and tightened his grip. As his eyes narrowed, and focused, hers grew wide. Her vision began to blur as he stared her down. "How's this?" He growled. She tried to reply, her mind full of insults and witty retorts, but the words wouldn't form. "How's this?" He grunted, slapping her hard across the face, making her whimper. "Answer me when you're spoken to!" The grip around her neck released, and she drew a long wheezing breath, filling her burning lungs with fresh air. "Do better" she spat, doing her best not to show how much his slap was stinging. "Oh" he said with a grin, "someone's a needy little brat tonight, aren't they?" "Oh yeah" she nodded back. "Maybe what you need, is a good fucking. To feel yourself filled up, to feel my cock pounding your pussy. Do you think that's what you need?" Every word increased her heart rate further, each one making her feel hotter, sending sparks through her body. "Y-yes please" she whimpered, struggling to contain her excitement. "Oh it's such a shame that you don't get to cum then" he teased with a smile. "That I'll get to use this perfect body for my own pleasure, and you'll get nothing." He ran his hands down from her neck, over her breasts and around to her waist. His hands, although cold from the autumn air, made her feel hot through the fabric of her clothes. Slowly they moved to her buttons, following the tight fabric and popping each one open. One at a time ...