1. Date and Denial

    Date: 7/11/2019, Categories: BDSM Author: byThe_Master_J, Source: Literotica

    ... they came undone, revealing more of her soft white skin, each one increasing her excitement. "Please sir, are you really gonna make me go all month?" She asked, even though she already knew the answer. When he said he'd do something, he did it. "Of course" he replied, leaning down to kiss her stomach. Each of his kisses sent sparks through her, and she began to open her legs for him, as his lips moved down her tummy. A whole month! She hadn't gone that long without cumming since... she couldn't even remember. He'd put her on no orgasm before, for a day, or a week, but never this long. The more time she spent with him the more she realised how much control he had. Nobody else would have gotten away with telling her she couldn't cum for a month, she wasn't even sure why she was letting him do it. They'd only been together a month, and already she was wrapped around his finger. Her occasional dominant side all but smothered out, her needy horniness hanging on his every word and commend. Was it respect, fear, love? Or was he just that damn good at what he did? She didn't know, all she knew right now was that his lips were driving her crazy, as they worked their way back up her stomach, towards her chest, as his hands undid her bra. She moaned softly as his tongue flicked at her nipples. Ran her fingers through his hair as he sucked on them, and tugged gently. Soon the need in her body was growing, and she was whimpering with his every movement. "Please" she begged, pushing his head down towards her hips "more." Not one to disappoint, he moved down her body, sliding his torso between her open legs. Her heart rate climbed as the her jeans came undone, revealing her underwear. Slowly he slid them down her long slim legs, dragging his nails over the skin as he did, leaving red lines in their trail and making her tense. The tight denim removed, his lips worked their way, ever so slowly, up her legs. He kissed her calves, inching upwards, and she whimpered when they reached her thighs. Slowly they crept forwards, his hands going ahead and gripping her by the bum, lifting her hips into the air. Every second of it was driving her crazy, and he knew. He knew she was horny, and that being told she couldn't cum only made her want it more. But he was a tease. The more she whimpered and begged for him to fuck her, the slower his lips moved. "Please, c'mon, this isn't fair," she pleaded. He didn't reply, only bit the skin on the inside of her thigh and listened to her shriek as his teeth left their marks. Finally he reached the line of her underwear, and then he stopped, and stood up, looking down at her. He couldn't help but admire her body. Long, slim legs, a flat, defined stomach at the centre of a slim waist. And the most perfect breasts he'd ever seen. Yes she had scars, she had marks of her past struggles, she had imperfections, but every centimeter of her was amazing, every mark and spot and mole only adding to her perfection, like the paint on the canvas ...