1. Date and Denial

    Date: 7/11/2019, Categories: BDSM Author: byThe_Master_J, Source: Literotica

    ... of a contemporary masterpiece. And every little bit of her belonged to him. "What are you doing?" She pleaded, slowly rocking her hips back and forth, "you can't stop now!" "I'm not stopping" he explained, "but I don't think you've earned anything yet. I wanna hear you Beg." "Please baby!" She begged, staring at him, her face full of lust. "Please baby, please sir, fuck me. Fuck your little slut, I want it so bad." "Oh do you?" He asked,pulling the jumper over his head, and throwing it aside. "Yes!" Her eyes were locked on him, watching him undo every button on his shirt agonisingly slowly. "You think you deserve my cock?" He teased, sliding his shirt off his shoulders, revealing his slim, toned physique. "Please, yes sir I do," she panted. She couldn't take her eyes off his body. Instinctively she began to play with her own nipples, teasing them between her fingers as she watched him bend down to remove his shoes. "Hands off" he barked, as he saw what she was doing. "Those belong to me. Your whole body belongs to me. YOU belong to me. Did I say you could touch my slut?" "No, I'm sorry" she sighed, struggling to keep her hands still. "I think all you deserve," he carried on, slowly unbuckling his belt "is this." He tugged at the leather and his belt shot through the remaining loops of his jeans, freeing itself with a crack. "No!" She squealed. "Please." "Roll over." His words sent fear through her whole body. Instinctively making her pull away from him, as fight or flight kicked in. "No, c'mon, not the belt, please." She begged and begged, but he couldn't be convinced. He simply stood grasping the leather in his hand until she obeyed. Slowly, anxiously she positioned herself on the edge of the bed, her knees on the floor and her chest resting on the soft quilt. He draped the leather over her skin, letting her feel it, watching her reaction as it touched different spots. "Ready?" He asked. A scared whimper in reply was taken as a yes, and he took aim. Grasping the belt tight he swung, and the leather cracked against skin. Again he swung, and again. She knew he was holding back, that he could hit so much harder, but even his half strength whippings were stinging, sending pain shooting through her skin, the effect amplified by the bruises already present. He could see her beginning to shake, and her whimpers were growing more and more pathetic, the pain was obviously getting to her. "Had enough?" He growled. "Y-yes" she breathed, "it hurts." "Yes what?" "Yes sir!" She corrected herself quickly. Manners, she had to remember manners. "Good. Do you think you've earned your reward yet?" "I hope so, I want it so bad," she whimpered, "Please sir." Satisfied that she had taken the beating well enough, he ordered her to stand. Once she was on her feel he pointed her towards her desk, and gave her a push in the back., Stalking behind her as she walked towards it, he admired the marks down her back. As she came to a stop stood by it, he again pressed on the ...