1. Date and Denial

    Date: 7/11/2019, Categories: BDSM Author: byThe_Master_J, Source: Literotica

    ... He held her for a moment, loosening his grip, waiting for her to start, but she didn't, she refused, held her head still and looked up at him with a defiant look in her eyes. 'Fine' he thought, and gripped her head tighter once again, as he began to thrust. Slowly his shaft slid back and forth in her mouth, her red lips stretched around it. She tried to stop him: pressed her hands against his legs, tried to open her mouth even wider so that her lips wouldn't press against the shaft, but she couldn't move her jaw one millimetre. Still he thrust away, getting into a rhythm, back and forth, pushing into her mouth, beginning to let out soft moans as the pleasure built. Steadily the rhythm got faster, his cock sliding further into her mouth, making her gag each time it pressed against the back of her throat. With each thrust she couldn't help but dream of feeling it in her needy cunt, instead of in her mouth. Each thrust made her more and more horny, she couldn't resist him any more, she had to give him what he wanted, she didn't know why, but part of her brain demanded it. A hand moved from pressing against his legs to wrapping it's fingers around the shaft, struggling to grip it it was so thick. With a satisfied moan he loosened his grip on her, slowing his thrusts, ...
    ... and she took over. Her head bobbed back and forth along his length, her lips and tongue pressing against it. "Mmm fuck, you're such a good girl," he moaned. His moans of pleasure encouraged her, hearing them made her even more eager to please. Faster and faster she worked him, feeling his breathing grow more rapid. The fire was building, it wouldn't be long. His breathing became faster still, his muscles tensed as he controlled the impulse. "Fuck kitten I'm gonna cum" he sighed, squeezing his core to keep from exploding in her mouth "fuck." Quickly she pulled him from her mouth, leaving salvia glistening on the head and shaft, and stroked it, squeezing her hand tight around his girth. Looking up, she saw him staring down at her, the fierce look of the dom replaced by love lust as she pushed him over the edge. Without breaking eye contact she knelt up, aiming the squirts at her chest as he exploded, the thick load covering her breasts as he let out a long, satisfied sigh. "You're such a fucking good girl," he panted, stroking her hair "fuck you're good." "Thank you sir" she purred back, a grin growing on her face as she admired the amount of cum he had covered her in, watching it slide and drip slowly off her perfect breasts. "This is gonna be a fun month" he laughed.