1. A Friendly Competition Ch. 03

    Date: 7/11/2019, Categories: Group Sex Author: byCMK877181, Source: Literotica

    This is the third of a planned four-part series. All characters, unless otherwise specified, are 18 or older. Warning: there is a lot of texting in this story. If Lindsay is texting, it will bebolded with the designationL: If Stacy is texting, it will beitalicized with the designationS: If Rachel is texting, it will beunderlined with the designationR: Note: If you have not already done so, please read the first two installments for context. Just as a quick summary so far: Lindsay and Stacy are engaged in a competition to determine who is sluttier. Rachel is their neutral judge. The winner gets to unequivocally command the loser to do one task. At the end of round 8, Stacy is currently leading in points 22-14. ********* "Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck, YES!" I screamed out as the orgasm wracked my body, not caring in the slightest who could hear me. The driver, whose name I couldn't remember, pulled out of my pussy. His cum began to leak out as well, dripping from my swollen and battered pussy lips. A trail of jizz began sliding down my inner thigh, something I had already felt earlier that night. I pushed my upper body off the warm hood of his car, which had felt surprisingly good on my bare tits. I squeezed my big boobs back into my top and pulled my panties and jeans up, while the driver did the same. He was a black guy, probably five years older than me. He wasn't particularly attractive or well hung, but I had just really needed someone to fuck me. He had watched me play with my wet and sticky pussy in his back seat all the way to my apartment, so this seemed like a natural way to give him a tip (or rather, he was giving the tip to me). Without a further exchange of words, I walked away from the alley. I turned two corners and was at my apartment building. When I had gotten back into my apartment, I stripped off my jeans and panties. They were both smeared with cum and needed to be washed. Much of the evidence from Mitch and Jack's (plus now the random driver's) creampies had been rubbed into my skin, giving my thighs a natural sheen. Oh well. I didn't want to shower before the next challenge, so I would have to deal with it for now.L: hey, im back.R: great. then you're both ready for challenge 9?S: give it to us.R: well, so far, i've only tested your abilities at fucking in controlled environments. but a true slut needs to also be a master of seduction. your challenge is to fuck a married couple without either member knowing.L: so we have to seduce a husband and wife separately?R: correct. whoever does it quickest and shows some form of evidence wins. Fuck. This one seemed really hard. I thought of myself as a better temptress than Stacy, so I had an edge there. But still, that didn't mean it would be easy for me at all. I had done something similar in sophomore year actually, but that was with a huge stroke of luck. I fucked a drunk guy I vaguely knew at a house party, and two hours later, his girlfriend at the time ate me out in the bathroom. I ...