1. A Friendly Competition Ch. 03

    Date: 7/11/2019, Categories: Group Sex Author: byCMK877181, Source: Literotica

    ... didn't find out they were together until later though and had gotten lucky that both were drunk and unfaithful enough to do it. I was pretty sure they had actually ended up getting married too... Something told me I would have to put more effort into this one. And I wouldn't have the friendly confines of a party to do it in. I had to find the best place to do it.S: do they have to be goody two shoes or can they be wild already?R: doesn't matter. but even if they're swingers, you still have to seduce them separately. This at least provided some form of olive branch to Stacy and I.R: this one should keep you two occupied for a while. ill give you both half an hour, and then it starts. I set my phone down, grabbed a beer from the fridge and started to think. What would be the best way to do this? I figured going the route of an open-minded couple would undoubtedly be easiest. That way, I'd at least know they're open to fucking other people and I wouldn't be trying to convince someone to cheat on their partner for the first time. Plus, that made me feel like such a home-wrecker. But that still begged the question, where was I supposed to find a couple like this? I couldn't do it online, since then I'd have to reveal that I planned on seducing the both of them. It would be clear if I went to a sex club too. I wracked my brain for any couples that I personally knew that might fit the bill, but came up with nothing. I was running out of ideas. Another cool sip of beer drained down my throat. That sparked an inspiration. I knew a bar not too far from my apartment that was something of a hub for swinging couples. They met up and sought others out, but nothing actually went on there. If I could get a couple separated, I'd have an easy job. Obviously that still meant finding a way out to separate the husband and wife. But I'd figure that out when I got there. For now, I had to move quickly. I had no clue what Stacy had planned, or how quickly she could enact the plan. I quickly downed my beer and slipped on a skirt without any underwear. The pants and panties had become too much of a bother to take on and off and clean up. Now my pussy could get a little bit of fresh air, and there was better ease of access for a quickie if it came down to it. I liked the look of my half-way open blouse and sweater, so those could stay. I checked myself out in the mirror. There was still a good amount of dried cum on my face. Some of it had flaked off or gotten brushed away, but if you looked, you could definitely see the remnants of Jack's facial. After an internal debate, I wiped my face off with a wet wipe. Wearing a load of jizz probably wouldn't be great for seducing a married couple. It did mean that I had to re-do some of my makeup. Once I was done, I was ready and feeling confident in myself. It took me a minute of googling to find the address of the bar, and I called an Uber to pick me up. On the ride there, the driver played rap and didn't talk to me. Ordinarily, ...