1. A Friendly Competition Ch. 03

    Date: 7/11/2019, Categories: Group Sex Author: byCMK877181, Source: Literotica

    ... pussy juice and spunk, and emailed all three videos to Rachel before starting the walk back to my apartment. *** I checked my phone as soon as I got back.R: holy fuck, lindsay. you went way fucking above and beyond.S: what did she doR: i'll send you the videos. they are very hotL: yeah, whatever. stacy are you done?S: you're goddamn right i am.L: fuck! Ugh! I really needed this win. I still had a chance, but I absolutely had to win the last challenge. It would be winner-takes-all, and neither Stacy nor I wanted to see what the other would come up with for our slave task.R: so lindsay, as you figured out, stacy was faster. not by much though, and considering your... extracurricular bonuses, i'd argue that you had the better performance. still, rules are rules and stacy wins this challenge. if either of you would like to challenge the validity of the results, please speak up.L: no, i lost. but it's kind of unfair that i only lost because of things out of my control.S: winners overcome adversity. stfu.L: i will fucking own you in the last challenge, pretty princess. start getting ...
    ... ready to be my slave.S: great fucking trash talk there, bud. fucking 10 ply. rae, what's the last one?R: hold your horses. stacy, you now lead 32-23. its anyone's game though, and whoever wins the last challenge comes out on top of the whole game. both of you take a two hour break. you're going to need a lot of energy for the last one, so take the chance to recuperate while you can. That didn't sound ominous at all. But I was fucking ready. Whatever Rachel threw at me, I was going to come out on top. And Stacy would be on her knees begging for forgiveness when she discovered what slave task I had in mind for her. ********* Please remember to vote 5 stars and favorite the story if you liked it. There are probably a few spelling errors: my spellchecker is awful and my proofreading is not infallible. Please also give me constructive feedback and let me know what you liked or what you thought could have been better. It's how I can improve as a writer and do better in the future. Comment below or send me a message through the feedback if there's anything you want to see in my stories.