1. A Friendly Competition Ch. 03

    Date: 7/11/2019, Categories: Group Sex Author: byCMK877181, Source: Literotica

    ... Stacy. I put a 20 down on the bar. The bartender had seen me eyeing the woman as she walked out, and presumably knew what I was going to do. "I'll be right back," I said to him. "Keep the change for now." I spun and quickly followed the woman out of the bar. She was still stomping her way to her car in the parking lot. Added bonus for me. Once she left, I knew her husband would be alone at the bar without an immediate ride, giving me the perfect chance to seduce him as well. Slight sobbing penetrated the night air. The parking lot behind the bar was not particularly big but was completely full. Luckily, it seemed we were the only ones out. The woman reached her car and unlocked it. The flashing tail lights illuminated me, and she turned briefly to look at me. I saw tears on her face. It must have been a pretty big row. "Excuse me, ma'am!" I shouted as I walked briskly towards her. "Yes?" she choked, wiping tears from her face. "I believe you dropped this on your way out," I said, and extended my phone out. It was a trick I had used more than a few times to wriggle my way into conversations with hot guys. Of course, I usually had to adapt it a little considering my phone case consisted of hot pink rhinestones. "Uh no, that's not actually mine," she commented. "But thank you though." "Just trying to be a good Samaritan." Well, maybe not quite, but she didn't need to know that obviously. The woman opened her door and began to get into her car. "Um, I'm sorry if this might seem intrusive..." I paused, letting her re-focus her attention on me. "I couldn't help but notice that you were crying. Did someone in there try and do anything to you?" She shook her head. "Uh, no." "Are you sure? Cause my brother's a cop and if someone tried to force you to do anything, I can help make sure he gets locked away." I was lying out of my ass, but I needed to create a sympathetic personality to weave my way into her good graces. God, I sounded like Dennis Reynolds. She'd have to acquiesce, because of the implication... "No, nothing like that," she sniffled. "I just got into a bit of an argument with my husband." "Oh, I'm so sorry. Well if he made you cry that much, he seems like a bit of a dick, if you don't mind me saying." She chuckled. "He can be that at times." I needed to fill the air as the conversation hit a lull. "I'm Lindsay by the way." "Karen," she replied and extended her hand out. "Oh, you look like you need a hug more than a handshake," I said quite forwardly and hugged the woman tightly. She wrapped her arms around me as well and seemed to relax in the embrace. I held the hug for a few seconds before pulling away. I was leaning back on the SUV next to Karen's car as she leaned on the side of her car, letting us speak directly. "So what was so worth it that your husband could make a woman as pretty as you cry?" Karen blushed a bit. "Oh, just boring personal stuff. You don't want to hear about it." "Sure I do. Talking with others is a very therapeutic ...