1. Suzy's College Entrepreneurialism

    Date: 7/11/2019, Categories: First Time Author: radionpg, Source: xHamster

    As a young woman at college in the late sixties, I soon became aware of the power I could exert over guys of my own age! Although this was supposed to be “the swingin' sixties”, anything of a sexual nature has passed my small village by. I was the sort of person who liked to study what was going on around me though, so when I got to college, as a virgin, I was intrigued to explore aspects of sex for the first time. I guess it was due to having an elder brother and hanging around with him and his mates as I grew up but I had been learning all the time. In general I had been allowed to play with my brothers and his pals, I was a bit of a tomboy and they didn't mind having me along as we climbed trees and made camps together. I eavesdropped a lot on their conversations though and I discovered how important fantasies about girls were to them. I also discovered the various girlie mags they shared with each other – easy really, since my brother hid his under his bed in an old toy box. I learned exactly what turned them on, whether it was sexy underwear, bosoms, the promise of seeing a hairy fanny (in those days girlie mags were very tame indeed) and of course of actually touching, seeing and eventually fucking a pussy.... They would talk for hours about their fantasies and I overheard much that would be of later use.I was also testing out my emerging theories, that I could benefit from the power I, and girls generally, had, having fun with situations where I could tease and explore the effects I was having on guys. Occasionally I would deliberately let a lad see my panties – just a little peek. He would think it was entirely accidental, but I was testing and testing reactions. I noticed how a guy would position himself near a girl who he thought he may be able to catch unaware, how guys would let girls get on the bus home first, then follow them up the stairs to the upper deck, trying to look up at their panties. How they would hang around outside girls changing rooms, how they'd get a girl to reach for something or bend over to pick something up.I got very good at fulfilling some of these fantasies myself. Once at college a guy was standing by a lab bench with his hand flat on the surface and I bent over putting my breast over it as I pretended to reach for a book. He thought that was an accident! I became adept at going up to a guy and saying his tie needed straightening in a way that let him see down at my bra. It was great fun seeing the reaction.Miniskirts were not allowed at college, but most of us girls ignored this by rolling over the waist-bands of our skirts to make them shorter. In the late sixties in winter I would wear tights with a panty-girdle over the top and would sit opposite a boy in discussions and let my skirt ride up so he could see the gusset as I moved my legs slightly – this would usually happen while he was speaking or asking a question and it was great to hear him stutter and lose his train of thought.After a few weeks at ...