1. Suzy's College Entrepreneurialism

    Date: 7/11/2019, Categories: First Time Author: radionpg, Source: xHamster

    ... college I had ratcheted up a gear. In summer, on the college field at breaktime, I would remove my knickers and would give tantalising glimpses of my bottom – just short enough to make my subject wonder if he had really seen what he thought and hoped he'd seen.This was all well and good, and I had fun with it, but I wanted more – I loved the reaction my teasing was generating, but I was beginning to feel horny myself, seeing the power I exerted was not enough. So I chose my first victim. Dave was a slightly geeky guy, not one of the elite sportsmen (who had serious ego problems) but a nice shy boy. I quite fancied him and thought he'd make a good subject. One lunchtime I contrived to be sitting and talking to him in a corner of the college field about our upcoming history exam. I knew he fancied me and he had responded well on earlier occasions when I'd “accidentally” let him see down my blouse. I was wearing a summer dress, and had “forgotten” my panties. He was sitting on the grass alongside me as I went to my bag to retrieve a history book, bending rather more than was necessary. I assumed he was watching and he would have seen quite a bit of arse-cheek. Then I sat back down carelessly, one leg flat on the grass and tucked under me, the other upright so I could lean on it. This allowed him to see right up my hairy pubes from the angle he was sitting, though it still looked accidental. He swallowed hard.“Err Suzy, I think you should be careful sitting like that,” he stammered.“Oh? Why's that, Dave?”“Well you don't seem to be wearing any knickers and I can see your, you know...”“Oh, that's OK. I often don't bother with knickers on nice hot days. I like to air to get to me. Is it a problem for you?” And as I said this, I reached down and touched my mound with my fingers. “I find that knickers make me itchy sometimes too. I'm sorry if it worries you, shall I go?”“Oh god no, don't do that Suzy! Its fine by me, I like looking at your, your... hairy bit. In fact I love it. I just thought you may not be happy that I could see it. I've never seen one before...” He was fiddling with the front of his trousers, which I knew from earlier research that he had an erection.“Well I don't think I've let any lads see mine before. I'm glad you like it. Would you like to see more?”“Oh gosh, yes please!”So, looking around to ensure no-one was nearby, I sat back with an arm supporting me and lay my legs out flat on the grass. Then I slowly hitched up my skirt until my hairy pussy was exposed. Dave was transfixed and focused completely on my little triangle while I gently opened my legs further, leant back a little more and then raised my knees. I was getting wet down there, and feeling very sexy, but it was nothing to what Dave was clearly experiencing – he was bright read and sweating, a great bulge in his school trousers and breathing very deeply and quickly. He looked like he was going to faint. With my free hand I reached down, thinking I'd expose my pussy lips ...