1. Suzy's College Entrepreneurialism

    Date: 7/11/2019, Categories: First Time Author: radionpg, Source: xHamster

    ... and open them up for him, when...“Oh shit!” he said and I could see his hips thrusting involuntarily and a wet patch appeared at his flies. “Oh shit, I've cum in my pants!”It was my turn to be transfixed. I'd made a boy ejaculate without touching him, just by almost showing him my most secret parts. I was feeling extremely horny at this, and was nearly on the point of rubbing my pussy, there, on the field!Dave looked mortified at himself, picked up his bag and held it in front of himself as he ran. “Sorry Suzy...really sorry,” he said as he went.“Its OK Dave!” I shouted but he had run off in the direction of the gents toilets. I took a deep breath and adjusted my dress before I too left the field. “Now what?” I thought.--------ooooo--------Over the ensuing days Dave kept well away from me, even though I was itching to chat to him about his reaction. If he caught my eye, he'd go red and slink away, but one day I managed to way-lay him on the way to the bus-stop. I sidled up next to him as he walked and, after making him jump with surprise and embarrassment, I asked him what the matter was and whether he regretted my little show?“Oh no Suzy, it was fantastic, but I felt so bad at cumming in my pants. I thought you'd be disgusted at me and wouldn't ever want to talk to me again. I felt like I'd ruined something lovely. I can't stop myself thinking about how wonderful it was to see your furry bits, but then I remember how awful I felt when I ejaculated and it spoils it for me.”“You silly sausage,” I smiled, “I don't mind. I was just amazed what an effect it had on you. I know boys like to see girls without their clothes on, and I know all my friends will certainly not let a boy see them like that, but I hadn't realised just how desperate you lads are to see it! And I hadn't really showed you much anyway really!”“Well my friends and I do swap girlie mags between us, but they are so frustrating – they show girls boobs but nothing 'down there'. You letting me see yours was so exciting I just couldn't help it – in fact just thinking about it now is in danger of making me cum again in my pants!” He looked very sheepish.“Have you told anyone about what happened, your friends?”“No. I wanted to, but couldn't face telling them about me messing up. They'd all be really jealous but they'd make fun of me. I'd look a right fool.”An idea rapidly formed in my brain. “Would they like to see my hairy fanny do you think?”“Goodness yes!” said Dave.“Well I wouldn't want to show it to anyone just like that,” I said, “there'd have to be something in it for me. How many of your friends would come along if you asked them if they wanted to see inside my knickers?”“Well, Pete, Phil, Tony and probably Mike would – they're all like me – no girlfriends and desperate! What are you suggesting?”“Well I think that if it was worth my while, they could come along with you and I could show them what I showed you – but I'd have to get paid for it. I get 30 shillings a day working on ...