1. Suzy's College Entrepreneurialism

    Date: 7/11/2019, Categories: First Time Author: radionpg, Source: xHamster

    ... Saturdays at the chemist, so I think if the five of you could get, say three pounds together between you, I could do a little private show. What do you think?”Dave swallowed. “I think they'd be up for that. I certainly would, Suzy. Where would you do it?”“Where do you lot meet and talk about girlie mags then?”“Usually at my house, in my bedroom. My mum keeps out of the way cos its just us boys listening to records and talking. I suppose I could sneak you in when she's in the kitchen. Could you do that?”“Yes, as long as you make sure they're well-behaved. I don't want anyone touching me, so you'd better make sure they don't – if I scream I don't think your mum will be happy?”“Good grief no. OK I'll make sure that's all right. Shall I get it organised then?”“Yes, do that, but for Christ's sake keep it just between ourselves. I don't want gatecrashers, or that'll be it. And your mates won't want others muscling in either will they? Let me know when its all agreed, and remember I want three pounds!”That was it – I'd committed myself now, but I wasn't unsure, now that I'd thought about it, and the money I'd be getting.... I started to look forward to seeing the effect I would have on Dave and his mates!--------ooooo--------Next day Dave made a bee-line for me at the mid-morning break. His pals were chomping at the bit, he said and would pay me the three pounds if I did as I promised. Could I come to his place that evening? No problem.After my dinner at home I left to go out “to see some friends” and went over to Dave's house – just a short bus ride away. The deal was that I'd meet his friend Pete down the road and he would then go into Dave's hose and when the coast was clear (i.e. Dave's mum in the kitchen) one of them would come down and let me in – then I had to go straight up to Dave's bedroom. (It would have been so much easier of mobile phones had been invented then!) It all went well and I arrived to find all five of them sitting on Dave's bed or on the floor. They all had a hungry look in their eyes.“Hand over the cash then!” I said by way of greeting. “And keep your own hands to yourselves! I know you're all a bunch of randy frustrated perverts but I'm a generous girl and I've taken pity on you!” This was actually pretty true, I did feel a bit sorry for them – it must have been hell being a boy in those days – no internet porn, no access to hardcore porn like nowadays. Even girlie mags only really showed what Page 3 of The Sun showed. No wonder they were frustrated. Victims of male sexuality... themselves!Dave handed me the money and I checked it before putting it into my purse. “What are you going to do then, Suzy?” one of them asked.“Didn't Dave tell you? I'm going to take off my knickers for you! What did you expect?”“Well,” said Pete, “I think we didn't really believe you would, but you're here so that's good. Can we see your tits as well?”“I prefer boobs,” I replied. “But, OK, that's fine”. And with that, standing at one end of the ...