1. my servant raped my wife

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    I had bought a new web camera and it came with a sophisticated software. I was eager to try it out. After installing it , I discovered that it had many security features too, for instance the webcamera could also be used as a cctv, but recording only when it would detect a movement. I am not very tech-saavy, so I was astounded."Have your breakfast" I was brought to reality by the sound of my 35 year old wife Anu."You are going to get me late today."It was 9.30 am .Not too late for me, but definitely late for my wife . She had to be in her office by around 10am. I normally used to go a bit later.I had my breakfast and Anu left for office immediately after that.I got back to fiddling with my new toy.I set it up and did a few experiments with the webcam and they were successful.After a while I realized even I had to leave.By 11 am I was also ready to leave for my office."Gopal, darwaza band kar lo. Main ja raha hoon" I instructed our servant"Theek hai sahab" He replied.By around 4 pm I had completed my office work and was sitting around with nothing much to do. Suddenly an idea struck me. I had kept my camera on in our house and it was logged onto the yahoo. I wondered whether I could access it from my another yahoo id ?I tried it. I sent a request to my other id to watch the cam. As far I remembered, I had allowed both my ids to be able to "Always" connect to each other. After a few seconds of waiting, it was confirmed I was right.. My house's empty bedroom came into view on my cam window. I got a bit angry though seeing ot, as the bed was still untidy. Gopal hadn't yet cleaned it.I was about to put off the cam when I saw Gopal enter the room. He is a timid looking young fellow from Uttar Pradesh. He started cleaning the room and bed. I cooled down a bit. Better late than never.It was amazing to watch my own house, my bedroom from my office. Gopal cleaned up the bed an the rest of the room. And then he surprised me as he started going opening the cupboard. We trust him so don't keep it locked. Moreover, it doesn't have any valuable or money. Money or no money, I was again angry with him, he was betraying our trust.He started hunting for something amidst our clothes. He didn't seem to find what he was looking for in the cupboard and started going through the bin we have in our room for dirty clothes we intend to get washed. What was he upto ?I almost fell off my chair when he pulled out an used bra and panty of Anu's and started smelling them ! I was getting angry and wanted to put off the cam and rush home and fire Gopal from his job, but curiousity was getting better of me.He then kept those used panty and bra on the bed and went back to the cupboard and started hunting for something more. He brought out her freshly washed panty and bra too and laid them on the bed. He placed them in such a way that the bra and panty were at an angle and distance from each other, similar to if someone had worn actually worn them and lied on the bed. He then took ...