1. Kajal Agarwal has a Problem Ch. 02

    Date: 7/11/2019, Categories: Celebrities Author: bynextcenturyromeo, Source: Literotica

    Two days later... Romeo was sitting in P. V. Murthy's office in Hyderabad playing Words With Friends on his smartphone. He knew it would be a little while before Murthy will see him. Murthy was a young director and still drunk with his power. He would make Romeo wait to establish his own authority and superiority. Romeo didn't mind. He was beyond these games. If he wanted he could establish his power right here, right now in a second. But he had come all this way to resolve the situation not make it worse. So, he took out his phone and settled down for a long wait. But neither Murthy nor Romeo had counted on one thing. His popularity. People feared Romeo, they respected him and also loved him. Well, kind of like a father figure of the industry though Romeo would protest that he was not old enough to be a role model like that. The fact was that people knew him. The news of his presence in Murthy's office spread like wildfire around the whole set. And people thought it a golden opportunity to meet the legend or renew their acquaintance with him. People included pretty much everybody from set technicians to extras. Anyone who was not busy with the current shot found some excuse to slink away and peek into Murthy's office. The DOP came and said hello, and two of the three 3 cameramen. A pretty girl who did script supervision came and introduced herself. She greeted him with a full-on French kiss, acting boldly for once in her life. She told everybody for weeks how wet she became when Romeo's tongue entered her mouth. Even two extras who had only a bit part in the film, took the golden opportunity to say hello to the great director. Both of them were pretty and were wearing skimpy clothes for the shot. The hugged him and kissed fully on the lips, inviting his hands to explore them. The prettier of them, called Bruna Abdullah, was bold enough to ask if he would mind sharing his number. Instead of h is own number, Romeo gave her the number of his home office and told her to talk to his secretary Amrita Rao. He told her to call and arrange a meeting after she was done with this film. She was wearing a very brief two-piece bikini and while they were chatting Romeo's hand was actually inside the back of her bikini bottoms, kneading her bare ass cheeks. The way Bruna had quickly opened her legs to give him full access to grope her, she was very ready to come under him. After the girls were called to set, there were a number of other people that came and went, even including some spot boys. Some of them wanted autographs and photographs, some only wanted to meet the hotshot director. Romeo, being a people's director, never showed attitude, especially to the industry people. He met everybody cordially, including spot boys. He joked with the clapper boy, and signed all the autographs anybody wanted. The girls seemed thrilled to kiss him but he infused as much warmth into a handshake with a male technician as well. Hot girls were lining up to greet him though. ...