1. Kajal Agarwal has a Problem Ch. 02

    Date: 7/11/2019, Categories: Celebrities Author: bynextcenturyromeo, Source: Literotica

    ... They thought it was their chance to make an impression. Hottest of the lot were the two heroines who were working side by side with Kajal Agarwal in this film - Anushka Shetty and Tamanna Bhatia. While Tamanna was in a very skimpy top and micromini skirt, Anushka was wearing a jacket that covered her upper body. Her skirt was very short though. Romeo got up and turned to meet them as they came in. Anushka was the first to greet him. Just before entering into his arms she opened the jacket and Romeo saw that there was no top, and no bra. She pressed her full, firm, bare, hot tits on his chest as she hugged him tight. Instead of kissing him hard, she brought her mouth to his, pressing her lips lightly to his and then let him take the lead. She opened her lips the moment his tongue touched her bottom lip. The kiss turned out to be hot and electrically charged. Tamanna tried to match Anushka's performance and while failing to meet that level she still managed to convey to the senior director that she was a good actress and knew that her place was under her director. While they stood and chatted in general terms, Anushka stepped close to Romeo, stood beside him and took his hand in hers. She opened her legs and placed his hand square on her bare ass under her short skirt. All of this without breaking her stride, talking about the plot of the movie and plans for its promotion. Even though the door of the office remained open, the two girls, especially Anushka, made no secret of the fact that they were available to Romeo right then, or at any time he wanted. They did have to go when a small of group of people arrived, seeking to meet the filmmaker. It took Murthy 35 minutes to gather what was happening, 5 minutes to finish the take and put the shooting on hold and 2 minutes to run to his office. There he shooed everybody out except Romeo, shook hands with him and sat down in his own chair. Kajal Agarwal who was now free as the shooting was on hold, followed Murthy and entered his office without asking for permission. She kissed Romeo slowly but with a full, intimate feeling, showing an easy familiarity. She had genuinely missed him in the last 2 days. She had not let Murthy nail her. She wanted to first see how things will resolve, in the meantime she had made excuses to not spread her legs for him. After the kiss, Kajal waited until Romeo was sitting down and then casually placed her butt in his lap. Murthy's eyes opened wide like saucers. Romeo noticed that, he gently moved Kajal off his lap and told her to go back to the set. She complied after pouting first. Romeo knew that the matter he had to discuss was extremely delicate, you just didn't meddle in another man's project. Having Kajal there would have made it even more difficult to resolve. That's why he had sent her out. But it turned out that it didn't help. Murthy really resented Romeo being there even before he said anything. Once they started discussing, he was downright rude. No matter how ...