1. Kajal Agarwal has a Problem Ch. 02

    Date: 7/11/2019, Categories: Celebrities Author: bynextcenturyromeo, Source: Literotica

    ... gently or delicately Romeo tried to talk about it, Murthy came back with a rude response. "I know it's not my place to tell you how to run your project..." Romeo began. "Then why don't you keep your fucking mouth shut!" Murthy screamed. After trying for half an hour when Romeo saw that there could be no compromise, he decided to cut his losses. Instead of being rude to Murthy he simply wished him a good day and walked out. Kajal was not far from the office. She looked up as Romeo came out. He shook his head. Her face fell. With a reassuring look at her Romeo walked out of the studio. ================ The next morning when Murthy came to the set he found that the camera had not been started, the lights were not in the place, the jimmy was turned off and parked in a corner. He hunted down his production controller and asked what the hell. The controller, an elderly man called Ahuja, simply told him to talk to the producer. Producer Thadani never used to come to the set other than on payday. Today he was in his office. He received Murthy gravely and explained to him that their financers had pulled out claiming market losses. Murthy made a few calls to financers and producers that he knew. He got a flat no everywhere. Everybody had a different and genuine-sounding reason to not be able to help Murthy but there was a pattern emerging. "Are you really that stupid, Murthy?" Thadani said after watching Murthy flounder around for half an hour "Can't you see this is a direct result of your meeting with Romeo yesterday?" "You think he shut down our project?" Murthy didn't want to believe it. "Even a child in the industry today knows that you behaved badly with Mr. Romeo yesterday. And today you don't have a project. Why do you think that is?" "That's not fair. That's bullshit!" "No, what's not fair, Murthy, is that I didn't piss off the big man, and yet, I lost my project. What's bullshit is that the 700 people who were working on this film yesterday didn't do anything to anger the big director, but still they will have to find a new job at a moment's notice if they want to feed their families." Thadani left Murthy sitting there with his head in his hands. And that's how his wife found him an hour later when she walked in. "What's going on? Why is there no shooting?" she asked. Murthy's wife Namitha was a successful actress herself. She was a little heavy in the body, but she made sure to keep it all tight with regular gym sessions. Her face was her best feature, it was soft and pretty without being severe. Her lips were soft and plump, men often stared at them. She usually wore red lipstick to highlight her sexy lips. Namitha was always careful to dress in tight, skimpy dresses that showed off her tightly toned body to advantage. Being slightly bigger than normal, slim actresses, she also had big boobs and a big but shapely ass. Today also she was wearing a form-fitting tight minidress that ended just 2 inches below her ass. It was skin tight and showed ...