1. Kajal Agarwal has a Problem Ch. 02

    Date: 7/11/2019, Categories: Celebrities Author: bynextcenturyromeo, Source: Literotica

    ... her curves well. The fabric was stretched tight enough across her butt to show that she didn't have any panties on under the short dress. Within two minutes she had found out all about the situation. Murthy tried to downplay the sex-scene angle and Namitha didn't object or question. She already knew about it from the grapevine. She took Murthy home saying there was no point in them staying at the studio right now. One hour later, she moaned as Murthy rolled off of her naked body. She turned to the side and caressed his cheek "Baby, you are so good!" As a rule she strictly controlled how much Murthy could fuck her. Normally it was about once or twice a month. Not that she didn't have a high sex drive, she loved sex. But rest of the time she used to watch porn and use her vibrator to bring her pleasure. Those orgasms were hot and intense. With Murthy she was never able to orgasm because his cock was not so big and he never lasted long. Like most Indian men, he didn't know the meaning of the word foreplay. And like all smart wives, Namitha knew how to fake an orgasm. She was a good actress. They had spend some time talking about the problem but were not getting anywhere. Murthy tried to call a few more people in the industry but without any use. He was shocked at how many people already knew that his film had stopped. Finally Namitha had suggested that he "needed to relax". And they had moved to the bedroom. Now when he was satisfied and relaxed, Namitha said "You know what you need to do, don't you, babe?" "What?" Murthy asked unnecessarily. "You have to call him." She said also unnecessarily. He knew it, and even some people he called earlier had suggested it. "Maybe I can get finance elsewhere?" Murthy said without much conviction. "Baby..." Namitha got off her back and straddled him. She moved her hips slowly so her pussy was gently rubbing on his small, limp dick. She knew how to make him listen to her. "...why are you trying to make things worse? Maybe you can get finance somewhere. But what if your crew walks off the set? Would you be happy only then?" Murthy's eyes opened wide "That can happen?" "I am sure he can do that. He's very powerful. And how will you shoot without a heroine. Kajal took a plane to Bombay this morning. You think she'll come back without His permission?" Namitha had done some calling of her own and found out much more than Murthy knew. She was still trying to break it to him gently. "You think she's gone to him?" Murthy asked naively. "I am sure he owns her if he didn't already." "Fuck! What should I do?" Murthy was finally realising that he was playing the losing game. "Call him and work out a compromise." "What kind of compromise?" "Well, you could say you'd use a body double in the sex scene if he would let the project continue." "Oh, I hate this! Why should I take his permission to do my own fucking film?" With some more pussy massage and some judicious words, finally Namitha got him to call Romeo. His secretary ...