1. Hiding in Plain Sight Ch. 01

    Date: 8/13/2019, Categories: Gay Author: bybeyondtheset, Source: Literotica

    30-year-old Deshaun Braxton couldn't believe the situation that he'd gotten himself into. He'd gone to Atlanta for Alpha Phi Alpha's Regional convention to handle business and had gotten into a complicated situation. Deshaun was the youngest member of his fraternity elected to a position as prestigious as his. He was an influential individual when it came to overseeing membership intake within his region. Because of this, he worked hard to protect his reputation and kept a positive image amongst his brotherhood. Life as a closeted man wasn't easy. Deshaun found himself having to stifle most of his feelings, hiding his true self from the people in his life them to maintain his privacy and uphold the reputation that he'd built for himself. Unfortunately, being in Atlanta (where there is a heightened presence of Black Gay men like himself) posed a problem. As a severely closeted man, he's worked so hard to deflect attention away from his sexuality. His lack of a mate wasn't ever questioned by his peers because he kept himself so immersed in Alpha that people assumed that he just wasn't interested in settling down. -- When he checked into the Marriott (a week ahead of the convention to work with the regional board to set up for the conference), he looked around and his spirit dropped. He surveyed the lobby as he saw men adorned in professional attire, accented in Royal Purple and Old Gold. These were clearly men of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity incorporated. He decided to ask the desk worker what was going on. "Excuse me ma'am, is there a conference going on? I'm here to check in early to set up for my fraternity's conference next week and I wasn't expecting another conference to still be going on." He said, visibly agitated. "Yes sir! There is a conference going on. It was included in the original email that went out to your organization. Their conference ends in two days but it shouldn't prevent you from making sure your conference is set up by the time brothers begin arriving next Thursday. I apologize for the inconvenience." The desk worker said as she handed him his room key, which was located on the eleventh floor. "No worries ma'am. Thank you for the transparency, I must have missed that email." He said, as he grabbed his suitcase and turned around to survey the lobby once again. He stood in awe as he witnessed the Omega men congregate. He wanted to go to his room, but he couldn't help scanning the room with his eyes, with his eyes routinely falling on the strong jawline of a man, of his chest, but most specifically, the bulges in the crotch area of their pants. His eyes landed on a young man, obviously a collegiate member. He was in mid conversation with two men (presumably fraternity members). His athletic frame filled out his tuxedo quite nicely. The young man resembled NFL player Odell Beckham Jr., down to the blonde curly high-top haircut that Odell Beckham was known for. Deshaun felt his dick harden and a tingle in his ass as he took in the ...