1. When In Rome

    Date: 8/13/2019, Categories: Uniform, Author: Katiewest, Source: LushStories

    ... afternoon in the Legionnaires outfits. Nobody was impressed and there was a lot of grumbling. O'Malley sorted it out double quick by telling them they need to clean their new uniforms, and whoever did the best might be let off duty later that evening. He also sent Floyd and Verrilli out to get more firewood. Shortly after a brief lunch, O'Malley got them all to change. The Legionnaires outfits were a bit awkward to wear and having bare legs wasn't going down very well. A staff car pulled up outside and the Major from the dinner scurried up the steps and went inside. He went bright red with anger as the men fell into lines beside their beds. "What the Hell do you all think you are playing?" he bellowed harshly. "I want these men changed and ready to go in the next two minutes. We are a war and I'll have the head of anyone who is not ready." "Major," O'Malley responded, "we have been given orders to wear this uniform, I have the dispatch right here." "And just who the hell sent you those orders?" O'Malley handed over the order he had received. The Major looked them over, going even brighter red. "Special duties? What the hell? This is a setup, a fake to try to get out of doing your duty. I'll see about this," he snarled. "Who the hell is Colonel Fechelli?" "Colonel Fechelli would be me," came a new voice from the doorway, a husky woman's voice, and everyone turned to look. "Stand down, Major, I will be taking responsibility from here." There was a brief, intense staring match between the two officers. Then the Major looked away. "I don't like what's going on here, I will be back!" He stormed off. The new Colonel looked about. "Sargeant, these men must have their spears at the ready, from now on. Lose your spear and you could lose your life. I mean it!" O'Malley called for the spears to be given out, soon everyone was trying to get used to holding them. O'Malley took them outside and then marched back and forth across the small area under the watchful eye of the Colonel. After about ten minutes the Colonel started to make then go through a series of exercises in defense using their spears, and to everyone's amazement, they actually got it their positions right and their spears all pointing the same way. The tried a variety of different positions, each time they tried they seemed to get it right. They were called back inside for a briefing, and the Colonel faced them. "Gentlemen, I am Colonel Fechelli, of Rome's Imperial Guard. For this evening, you will all be members of the Imperial Guard. It is not an honor, but honor can be yours if you will put your lives on the line for us. You have given me the opportunity to achieve something that has not happened for a very, very long time. "There will be forces that will try to stop what is going to happen, and it up to you men to make sure the event remains uninterrupted. These forced are unusual, and your current war weapons will not work against them, only the spears you have been given will be ...