1. Me and my bestfriend first time sex part1

    Date: 8/13/2019, Categories: First Time Incest / Taboo Voyeur / Exhibitionism Author: Rajkumarpalak, Source: xHamster

    My name is raj. I am now 25 year old man. I want to share my true story with you guys. My english is not that much good so pls dont go on words.I was around 18 year old and was studying in 11 class(or grade). I was new in the town and was having no friends.i was living in a apartment. I was also not good in studies. I was going for tusion classes at another wing of my apartment. There i met a girl who was in same class as i and her name was riya who was living in my wing . She was ranker in her school. After a month we started to talk little with each other. At night also we done chatting with eachother. In every tests my marks were becoming worst. It was so difficult task for me to even pass in exams. So i asked riya to teach me so i can pass in exams. She told me that she wanted to do top in her class and have to study hard so she would not get time to teach me. I requested her so much and tried a lot to convince her. And finally she agreed to teach me but she told me that she cant manage to teach in day bcoz she want to also do study and will teach me at night bcoz she cant able to do study at night. I was so happy that day. In evening she met me in tusion and asked me where she would teach me. I said we can do study at my home , but she denied and said no we cant , at night she cant come to my home. I said that then i will got to her house. She said that ok she will ask her mother.around 8.30pm she called me and said that i can come there after 10pm. And now it was 10pm i went to her house and ring the bell. She opened door and she was in her beautifull night wear full sleved. Then we went to her room. I sat on the floor and opened my books. She started laughing and said why are u sitting on the floor u can sit on bed. Then i went on bed she sat next to me. As those days summer was going on and temp was so hot. The room where we were in was so hot as her AC was not working and was having no fan in room. Both were swetting. She teach me so good and i understood all the things and asked me to be prepare for tommorow bcoz she wanted to take a test what she have teached me that night. I went to my home around 11.45pm. I was not able to sleep that night i was only thinking about her. Now i felt that i started to like her. She is also so much beautifull.Next day i met her in tusion and have talked about last night. She also remind me that there is test that night. I said yeah i am knowing that and she replied be prepare for that. When i have completed my tusion she came to me and asked me that i am having any friends in school or tusion? I answered no i am not having any friend. Then she asked me that if we can be friends and i said yes we are friends already then only u can teach me at night. She smiled and went to her home. As we were living in same wing she was living in 2nd floor and i was living on 4th floor.now it was second night and i went to here home . She opened the door and i was surprised to see that she was wearing halfsleeve top and ...