1. The Play and The Party

    Date: 8/13/2019, Categories: Group Sex Gay Author: penisleeve, Source: xHamster

    The Party and The PlaybyPenisleeveThe night was warm, humid, fecund even the very fabric of the old warehouse building lent character to the atmosphere. An underlying scent of bleach was accentuated by the familiar background of the Ganga smoke, poppers and heavy male sex aromas that by 0200 had built up with the exertions of the participants of the party and the play.Miss Lilo, dressed to the nines was lolling in her private leather crib watching the Sling-room activities of her slut and for tonight, gay gang-bang queen through the two way mirror that made up one wall of her comfortable hide-away.Miss Lilo was watching her weekly 'slut-fuckfest'. This monthly entertainment was where she delivered her slut to do whatever she'd chosen and then sat back to enjoy the debauchery, sometimes of herself, sometimes of her slut. As much as possible Miss Lilo tried to expand their horizons with new and /or extra activities, people, objects or objectives.Having a very compliant slut, Miss Lilo was able to do or watch just about anything, and her slut, Penisleeve reveled in any perversion she could imagine, if Miss Lilo wanted to see it, do it or have it done she only had to order Penisleeve and it would happen.Tonight Miss Lilo had decided she wanted to see her slut getting utterly used by as many men as she could encourage using him. She let it be known throughout the sauna complex that an anything goes slut was in the main sling-room, the one with the big mirror and that he'd be taking bare-back fucks, fists, toys, deep-throating any cock and swallowing and was generally available until closing time for any perversion anyone wanted to experience.Miss Lilo was wearing a royal blue basque, patterned stocking and heals. Her gloves were above the elbow patent leather and her harness was a custom-made leather affair that allowed her by now permanently swollen clit to be deliciously stimulated whenever her huge strap on was thrusting in a hole she chose to use. She loved the sensations tingling through her body from her clit as the friction from her thrusting her hips or having a slut thrusting their pussy, arse or throat up and down the 12 thick inches of her squirting dong. She'd pound away or order them to pound away until she was overcome with passion and her orgasms were announced by her screams and then mindless pounding of the sluts fast stretching hole, whichever one was being used for her delight.This evening Miss Lilo lay back and with a pump expanding her clit she watch as Penisleeve opened his mouth and chased a thick dribbling cock that was being slapped about his face. The precum was shining as it coated more of his face and from her position just a couple of feet away behind the two way mirror she had the perfect view of his body, perfectly smooth. Striped, bound to the sling, cock, balls and nipples all pumped and bound so they were swollen and purple. His arsehole a greasy loose receptacle and his throat an eager cock sucking, begging cum ...