1. Karen Experiments

    Date: 8/13/2019, Categories: Voyeur / Exhibitionism Author: byUnliterary, Source: Literotica

    There was a text late that night, "Don't you want to hear about my date. You know, the nude one? And my dinner with that couple?" "Of course," Trent replied. "But you would tell me anyway, wouldn't you?" "Yes. The devil is in the details. I will give you all the details. They are my present to you. Don't you like hearing? Seems to me you do. And I simply love telling you." "Yes." "Well ... you want to hear online or in person? Why don't you come over?" He knew when he arrived at Karen's house she would be nude. She had made a concession for him. She wore sneakers since he had said they made her look cute. Oh yes ... and large hoop earrings. She knew that men liked her naked body accessorised. "So ... you had a good time with your naked date?" asked Trent. "Well ... kind've odd. When I got to his house, he was naked of course to greet me. But I had a bit of a surprise. He had no balls." "What do you mean? No balls?" "Literally. No balls. He told me when he saw the shock on my face that he had had early pre-cancer signs and opted to have his testicles removed when a younger man. It was fascinating. I had never seen a man like this; had never even thought about it." Trent too was sort of ghoulishly interested. "He explained to me that I could feel quite safe in his company because he was totally unable to produce either an erection or sperm. And then he complimented me on my body," said Karen. "In a way, I felt disappointed. Once I had decided to take up his offer of a nude date, I had felt aroused continually; and driving over naked to his house, and then walking to his front door in nothing but my stilettos and jewellery, I was positively lustful! And then to find that I might have been going to girlfriend's house for a sleepover rather than a naked stranger to get ravished - it was a bit of a let down." "So, what did you do all night?" asked Trent. "We talked. He asked me about myself. We got on quite well. But really, I just wanted to know what it felt like for a guy not to have balls. I kept looking at it until he finally acknowledged what was going through my mind and then we spent the rest of the night focussed on his dick. I just wanted to see if I could make it hard. He warned me that it was an impossibility; but he let me try." Karen explained how she watched his dick hanging between his legs flopping around as he walked. It was a decent size but hung straight down between his legs, since there were no balls at its base to push it out. There were no scars where his scrotum had been. His scrotum had been removed too rather than left to remain as an unsightly empty skin sack. She actually loved the look. She could not stop touching it. And then she graduated to sucking it; but the only one getting turned on was her. She became quite obscene in her behaviour, she admitted, sucking him while sitting on his face. In the end he offered to get her off with his fingers, and she had a massive orgasm. Simply massive. It was an amazing turn-on to be ...