1. Camping Trip with Hubby and His Friends

    Date: 8/17/2019, Categories: Fantasy Cheating Group Sex Wife / MILF Author: ShadowHawk1994, Source: sexstories.com

    My hubby hasnt had a off day from work in a long time until now and he's getting the whole weekend off and im happy for him he deserves a break. I suggest that he go do something fun like maybe hangout with the guys. He looked at me and you can see he's thinking with the dork look on his face. I finally said that they should go camping, its been awhile since he got to camp. I agreed and said it was a great idea. He added that he wanted me to come too. I wasnt really into camping and he knew that but he insisted so finally i said i would and he called the guys and we got started packing. Within a few hours we were headed out of the city and out to the middle of nowhere. Of course my phone didnt get any signal out here but i have to admit its really beautiful. We arrived to the campsite that they picked and were the first to arrive. Hubby started setting up camp getting our tent up within minutes and a fire started. About an hour later his buddies started showing up one after the other. Has the sun was going down everyone was around the fire laughing and having a few drinks. My hubby asked me to sit in his lap and have a drink with him.He knew i didnt like drinking beer but i reluctantly did it for him. As the night rolled on the drinks slowly kept coming and i was actually feeling pretty good and past the bad taste of the beer. But i started noticing all his buddies looking at me and i could see the lust in their eyes. Ive always known his buddies checked me out cause hubby would tell me when he would come home from work. I always found it flattering but i thats it cause i was faithful to my man. But i couldnt deny i was a lil turned on from the looks from them. I turned to my man and started kissing his neck gently and i whispered in his ear that i wanted to go back to the tent with him. He knew exactly what i wanted and we told the guys we would be back. I we got in the tent and he was roughly kissing me and grabbing my body and i fucking loved. I couldnt get his pants off fast enough but finally i did and pushed him on his back taking his cock in my mouth. As i was hungrily sucking his cock a heard a noise and looked up and he was passed out. All i could think was what the fuck, but i wasnt mad just horny and frustrated but i knew he has been working hard at work and needed his rest. I laid next to him for a few minutes but eventually realized i wasnt going to sleep so i got up and went back to the fire. All the guys were laughing and talking about work but soon as i sat down their attention turned to me. His best friend billy was closest to me and offered me another beer. I really didnt want one but he insisted and that it was rude to say no to a drink. I laughed and said whatever as i took the drink. They continued talking and more and more they would pull me into the conversations. Making flirty comments and looked at me with lustful eyes. I couldnt tell if it was the beer or me being horny as hell from earlier but i could feel my pussy ...