1. Old Friends

    Date: 8/25/2019, Categories: Anal Author: byjustsomeguy41, Source: Literotica

    Note: Set in a Free Use world and lots of anal as usual. Quite a quick story this time since it was inspired by a one paragraph long thing I saw ages ago about how free use sluts would act to their friends. I liked it and wrote this but couldn't think of how to make it more substantial. I get inspired pretty easily by little things even as short as a sentence, so if you have any ideas, feel free to share. Also, I'm starting to dislike writing sex scenes. It's so perfunctory. I'm just repeating myself with different words and I'm bad at it. May focus more and more on dialogue, situations and attitudes in the future. ~ I was just killing time, preparing for my interview and having a coffee when I saw her. "Maddie? Maddie is that you?" I asked approaching her. An instant of hesitation before the spark of recognition took hold. "James?" I smiled wide. "Yeah!" She smiled back. "Oh my God. Wow. I can't believe I'm seeing you here." "I know right? How longs it been?" "More than a decade I'd say. Seriously, talk about a coincidence. I thought I was the only one to move away." "You weren't. I had to get outta there too. The place was just too small." Maddie nodded slowly. "I know that feeling." She gestured at her table. "Wanna join me?" "Absolutely." Maddie got up and offered me her seat. She suddenly frowned with thought. "Sorry, my memory's a bit hazy. You liked anal right?" she asked while rummaging through her purse. I shook my head. "Nah it's fine, you don't have to. I remember you didn't like it." She rolled her eyes. "Yeah, and it's also been ten years. I'm not a little girl anymore," she said eventually fishing out a tube of lube. She uncapped, applied and put away the lube like she'd done the maneuver a thousand times before. I shrugged and took out my hardening cock. Maddie straddled me and grabbed my cock. She guided it toward her asshole before sitting down on it quickly and grinding her ass into my lap, making sure I got deep into her. She hugged me and I hugged her back like only old friends can. "It's so good seeing you James," Maddie said. "You too," I replied. Maddie eventually pulled back and gave me a bounce. "Well you've really grown up," she said with a playful smile and slight grunt. Seeing Maddie easily take the almost nine inches of cock was a complete change from what I remembered of her. "And you weren't kidding. Since when'd you get this good at anal?" She gave me a smug look. "Like I said, it's been a long time James. I've picked up a thing or two." "I can see that," I said smiling back at her. Maddie had been stick thin back in high school but had filled out amazingly well since then. I liked having an ass I could actually dig my fingers into or tits I could bury my face in. "So what've you been up to?" Maddie asked me as she started bouncing up and down. And that wasn't all she was doing. She really had picked up a trick or two, on every bounce she'd clench her muscles on the out stroke and relax on the in stroke so it ...