1. Wendy Gets Up Close and Personal

    Date: 8/25/2019, Categories: Voyeur / Exhibitionism Author: byAdventurousWendy, Source: Literotica

    As many of you know from our prior stories, my husband and I have long enjoyed showing me off to other men and having sex while they watch. Unfortunately the way we have done it in the past can be dangerous, from a legal standpoint. Especially dangerous was what we did in Ft. Lauderdale with all of those people in the W looking into our room as we had sex. That was a tremendous orgasm for me, but it could have been costly. This story is told in Wendy's Adventures, Part 3. https://www.literotica.com/s/wendys-adventures-pt-03 There are 4 parts to my exhibitionist stories. My husband wrote the first three and I wrote Part 4. *** So, we came up with the idea to find one consenting man and invite him into our hotel room. My husband scouted around and found the personal ads on Craig's List (before the personals were discontinued). We came up with an ad and posted it, not knowing what type of response we would get. In the ad we made it clear this would be a voyeur experience only, and I would only have sex with my husband. As it turned out, the ad was only up for a few hours before Craig's List removed it. I have no idea why it was removed as it was much tamer than many of the others in the personal section. It was well written, very descriptive and very sexual. I got wet reading it. Someone said that a reader had probably read the ad, responded and then reported it so he could limit the competition. In the few hours the ad was up, we received, I think, 117 responses. We had requested a picture of the guy as I didn't want to perform for someone I knew. Plus, I had in mind he might do a bit more than just watch. We planned to get him involved in the foreplay aspect of the game, if he was cute enough. I sent them all a picture of my naked body (absent the face) so they could see what would be displayed for them and decide if they liked what they saw. They all liked it. It was easy to eliminate the guys who responded with no picture, who were ugly, who were graphically sexual in their responses and those who were less than articulate in their responses. We had asked them to include a short statement of why they wanted to participate. Our plan was to meet with the ones we liked in a public place, such as Starbucks, have a cup of coffee, talk with them and see how we got along. One guy I remember was a young guy who was nice looking. At my husband's suggestion, I had worn a skirt with no panties so I could show him what was between my legs if I liked him. I liked him just fine and we had a nice conversation for about 30 minutes. As things were winding down, my husband said, "Walk with us to our car as Wendy has something she wants to show you." I opened the door to the passenger's side, sat down and spread my legs wide. I then took my fingers and spread my lips apart for a good look at my equipment. He was standing right in front of me. And this was in a busy parking lot with people everywhere. I have no idea how many people saw it. I was so turned on, I ...