1. Someone Was There #9

    Date: 8/25/2019, Categories: Voyeur / Exhibitionism Author: DB5, Source: LushStories

    I roll over and over. I tumble and fall. I wake with a shock. My head hurts. I am lying on the floor. Disorientated, I take in my surroundings. Everything seems very familiar. I realize I have fallen out of bed. Looking at the clock on the bedside shows me it is time to get up. I arrive at work fed, washed and dressed. The morning passes in a pleasant enough fashion. A little before lunchtime I get a phone message. ‘Hi on my way to the airport don’t forget the phone call. Rose x,’ I read. I make a mental note to do this when I get back from my break. A second message arrives. ‘Hello, everything good just missing you not spying on you, Jen xx,’ I read more than once. Lunch break over and back at my desk I send replies to both Rose and Jen. There remains one phone call to make but not until after 14:00. There is plenty of administrative work to keep me busy. So much so, that it is 14:30 before I get round to calling the number on my little piece of paper. I make the call. A voice answers, “Hello, who is this, please?” “Hi,” I say, “is that Louise?” “Ah hello, thanks for calling back,” I hear Louise say. “No problem,” I tell her. “You have changed your phone number. That is why I did not recognize you until you spoke,” Louise explains. “Yes,” I say, “yesterday I called on a friend's phone.” “Of course,” she says. “Rose.” I cannot help but wonder how she knows this. “So,” she continues, “I guess we should meet and then we can talk about you having this phone number.” “Okay,” I reply, “care to tell me where you have in mind?” “This evening.” She asks, “Are you busy?” “Not especially,” I reply. “Good, can I phone you at six?” she replies. “I can send a driver when you confirm your availability.” Taken aback somewhat, I say to Louise, “This is all very cloak-and-dagger sounding.” “Sorry about that,” she replies. “Hopefully, your mind can be put at ease later. I look forward to meeting you.” That said, she terminates the call before I have a chance to reply. I continue to reflect on this conversation during the rest of the afternoon. I am home, showered and fed. 6:00 p.m has arrived. Punctually the phone rings out as if in distress. “Hello,” I say, “is that Louise?” I immediately think that I might sound overly expectant and anxious. I resolve to be more thoughtful during the rest of the night. “Yes, it is,” she informs me. “Are you able to see me this evening?” “I am,” I say. “You make this seem so intriguing I have cleared the decks for you.” I decide that such forthrightness is a strength, not a weakness. “I do appreciate that the car will be with you in ten minutes,” she tells me, “or is that too soon?” “Ten minutes is fine,” I reply before asking, “Will the driver ring the doorbell?” “Of course; they are discreet, not Uber drivers,” Louise says to me. The doorbell rings. I exit to be greeted by a discreet giant dressed in black. “Louise sent you?” I ask him. “Yes, sir. Louise gave instructions for your conveyance,” he says, politely gesturing to a ...