1. 327Lusting after a Goth Girl

    Date: 8/25/2019, Categories: Voyeur / Exhibitionism Hardcore, Author: alibodge, Source: xHamster

    327Lusting after a Goth GirlOur favourite club owner, we will call him Bobby, fancies the two girls Mary and May., big time, They both won in his last wet tea-shirt competion, and he`s been wanting to watch the girls in action ever since, however both girls decided that as Bobby tended to have, well shall we say carnal knowledge of a number of folk, so they neither of them wanted to have full blown sex with Bobby. So, when they finally agreed after lot of our Bobby begging, to go to the club when it was closed, sometime and put on a show for his benefit, by having some fun he being a real old voyeur. To this end the two ladies talked to Trevor and I (We are these two ladies regular jockey’s) and we agreed to playing along both being game for anything sexual. Now you may ask why would the girls want to do this for Bobby, but my lips are sealed on that, let`s just say we all owed Billy, big time, or more so the girls did! Anyway, we appeared at the club on hot summers day, shortly after the cleaners had buggered off and long before the rest of the staff started getting ready for the evenings opening. We were to meet May there. So, as Trevor was already there when we arrived, and the place was dark, warm and airless with the air con off Bobby poured us something long and cold apiece. The big dark clubroom seemed strange without music and people, as we sat sipping our drinks while waiting May`s arrival. She as usual was “fashionably late,” just five minutes or so but it seemed like forever, it being especially long for Mary, who Bobby couldn’t take his eyes from! Finally, May. arrived full of the usual apologies. Bobby smiling at her too now, as he got another round of drinks in switching on a bit of background music as he did. To be honest, we didn't really know how to get it all started, were not so bashful usually but it was the presence of Bobby that was slowing our rush.So anyway, Bobby realising the problem dropped the catch on the door, then using his remote, started the huge screen usually used for background films or football, and up came some of our hosts porn. We sat dotted around a corner seat, Bobby nearest his precious bar! Some more time went past, each of us absorbing our drinks and the horny film each person in our own way. Then wanting to get started, having by then gained a certain stiffness, I asked the two girls to do go and do a strip for us men up on the small stage. Bobby set the stage up with spotlights then put on the same song that the girls did their dance to in the wet t-shirt contest; it was ‘I love rock n roll’ by Joan Jett.Due to the really hot day, neither girls were wearing much anyway but they stripped down to their underwear to the music, turned their backs to us and took off their bras. They turned back to face us, Billies eyes like organ stops, before Mary asked, that before we show you anymore, you lovely boys need to show us something. May., going further and explaining that, “that means it's our turn to take ...