1. My Hot StepSister

    Date: 8/25/2019, Categories: First Time Incest / Taboo Hardcore, Author: Joseluis0009, Source: xHamster

    The night was young when my pretty little step-sister walked down the stairs in her little skimpy shorts and tank top asking for a back massage. This was new to me, because I had always been a shut-in and never had girls ask me for anything but the answer to number 6. This was extremely rare and I decided to jump on it with as much enthusiasm as I could."Yea Amanda!" I croaked as I nearly jumped off the couch."Great," she said, "soccer really has me tensed up."I looked down at her smooth tan legs and realized for the first time that my step-sister was actually... Well, she was hot!As she crawled onto the foot of my bed I notice the line on her shorts pointing out her thong. I could only wonder what color it was, and I saw wonder because for God's sake, she was practically family. Now that she turned 18, it was actually legal for this to happen, but it was against all rules I had set up for myself. She looked as if she needed this massage more than ever, because as she laid down she stuck her ass in the air slightly to stretch, this turned me on a little bit but I had to keep my distance. I laid off to the side of her and slowly started rubbing her back, she moaned quietly and purred."Oh god, that feels amazing.""Well thanks, I mean all I do is type at work all day so I guess I should have strong fingers." I chuckled.I looked at her left arm curled over her head and noticed the goose-bumps. I decided to make my move, I pulled her shorts down slightly to see the neon green thong poke out."Hey horn dog, calm it down back there" she laughed as a big smile crossed her face.I pulled her shorts back up as I had achieved my goal, the sight of that thong was enough to hold me over until what happened next. I heard the basement door open; I quickly jumped off my bed and went over to my closet to make it look like nothing was going on."Jacob, Ted and I are going to the store and were taking the little one, so you two behave, and try not to burn the damn house down," my mother blurted as she ran up the stairs.I didn't know what to think about that, but all I knew was that if I was going to make a further move on my step-sister it had to be within the next hour and a half. As I was turned around Amanda had rolled her shirt up to her shoulders revealing her matching neon green bra."This will be more comfortable if that's alright.""Hell, you could take it off if you don't feel like sitting with it running your shoulders up; also it will give me easier access to your blades.""You just want me to take my shirt off!" Amanda screamed with laughter.It was true, I had been waiting for years for this exact moment to happen, but finally it happened. She stood up and rolled her black tank-top off her head. I saw her cleavage clearly for the first time in a long time. Since she filled out much later than all her teenage friends I never got to look at her in that way until she turned 16."Better?" she said."I've never seen anything better." I nearly yelled.As I walked back ...