1. The River Pt. 02

    Date: 9/10/2019, Categories: Incest / Taboo Author: byPoorspeller, Source: Literotica

    While I am sure no one will believe this, this is a true story, it happened many years ago, and all the people involved were much more than legal age, in fact no one was less than 40 years old. The only real reason I am even writing this down, is that my wife and I spent many many years as swingers and had lots of great adventures, now I am old and in very poor health and she has passed away, I thought I might try to write down at least some of our more unusual happenings and let others know about them and how much fun we had. I have never tried to write anything ever, so if you can not stand poor spelling and even worse grammar then pleases stop reading this and go fuck yourself. I am not writing these stories down in any order, just the ones that come to mind. Julie and I were on our way home from the river, and she talked about how great it was all the way home. She was very eager to go back the next Friday evening and let that guy with the big cock (her older brother) fuck her up the ass. Personally I could not believe that my evil little plan had worked out so well and that Julie and her brother Don had not figured out who they had been having sex with through the glory hole. How could they not have figured it out, they spoke through the hole. His big cock had been stuffed down her little slut throat to the balls while he told her what good slut she was. She had squealed and cum while he fucked her bareback and she yelled while she cum. I just did not understand. We got home and Julie stripped off her outfit and took a bath, while I got a beer and went out on the back deck to relax and think about everything. Maybe they knew who they were fucking but did not let on, maybe they had always wanted to fuck but never had the nerve. Who knows? I heard a knock on the door, and it was a couple of our swinger friends, Jeff and Tom. "Where were you guys?" Tom said. "Out having some fun." I replied. "Did you get her stuffed good?" Tom smiled. "Yes I did, he is planning on expanding her asshole next week." I said. "Good." Tom smiled. We had a beer and exchanged stories of wild kinky things our wives had done. We were on our second beer when Julie stepped out onto the deck totally nude as usual. "I am going to hot tub for a little while." she said. "Where are your wives?" Julie asked the guys. "Well mine is visiting her mother for a few days in Memphis, and probably milking every big black cock she finds, or at least that is what she usually does." Tom said with a smile. "My wife went with her." Jeff said. "Those two whores are probably fucking my black guys." Julie said. I looked at Julie and smiled. "I am going to have a little revenge." Julie grinned. She got into the hot tub and motioned for my friends to come over to the tub. "Ok guys I have a job for you two, I want both of you to fuck my asshole good and hard. Mark probably told you I have a really big cock going up my ass next Friday, and I need the practice." Julie sucked both of their cocks, ...