1. A mother and son's sexual relationship deepen

    Date: 9/10/2019, Categories: Hardcore, Mature / Older Incest / Taboo Author: JackDonnie, Source: xHamster

    Also I was high as fuck when I wrote this over the space of a couple hours and didn't bother to edit, so fuck knows, publishing this might be a terrible idea. I just so happen to like terrible ideas, though, so I'm happy. That's something I guess.Update: I have no marshmallows and I'm really in the mood for marshmallows now. I am no longer happy...Why, God?Why?1With long smooth strokes up and down, Lee massaged his rock hard cock with a fistful of baby oil and a mind full of vivid mental pictures. Slippery wet and gliding up and down, the exposed head fat and angry red with repetitive friction and building orgasmic pressure, it was no substitute for the real thing but it was close enough that he could close his eyes and let his imagination do the rest.What it was to be young – he was hard all if not most of the time lately, but working full-time took away such quality time. And the irony was that he could get all the sex he wanted. The real thing wasn't far away at all. Just sometimes he couldn't wait so long.He needed release sometimes up to six times a day. There was no need to guess what side of the family he got his sex drive from.Masturbating in the comfort of his bed, in the privacy of his own room, he could imagine in peace the thing he loved to do most, not that it helped him to keep the monster down, under wraps.Thinking about her made him this way. Doing this to himself didn't help. But he didn't want help. He just wanted her.But alone he could picture sexual acts that some people wouldn't dare indulge in, and to a level of realism that betrayed the truth. He had done these things, like so few others, and loved doing them to the point of obsession; like any number of boys his age would binge Netflix or Xbox games.His toes curled as each slippery stroke sent seething waves of pleasure from the tip of his penis and to the other end of every corresponding nerve. Blowing hard he bent his knees and lifted his hips off the bed, as though wrestling with the thick veiny monster in his hand.But he was edging, trying to build up his stamina and work up his endurance, trying to see how far he could make an erection go. Sometimes he could fuck for close to two hours without coming and still go again after a little recovery time.But working himself over like this, he got so hot that a splash of cold water afterwards might sizzle on the end of his cock. All he ever wanted was to be back inside the greatest pussy he'd ever had in his life-His mother's!'I can think of better uses for that, you know?' she said softly from the doorway. Lee almost leapt out of his skin at the sound of her voice, full of amusement, and sinful temptation, and shameless mischief.He turned to look her in the eyes, seething with the desire to plunge his red hot sword into her cooling waters, and caught the last words on her lips...'Come see me in my room if you fancy it,' she offered with glassy eyes and a hungry stare, before turning around to leave, her hips waltzing ...