1. Impregnated by My Nephew - Pt. 1

    Date: 9/11/2019, Categories: Hardcore, First Time Masturbation / Toys Author: sweatyniki274, Source: xHamster

    Sometimes nature has its own plans to set up situations which many times go out of control. Though many leave us with a sour impression, many a times though unwanted, they throw up surprises that even leave you spell bound. This is my experience, which I had experienced in my weak moment, but had now turned out beautifully. You may call it i****t or a swap; but who are we to challenge nature and the lust it erupts in us?I am Seema, married to Ashok, who is 34 years. I am not voluptuous, nor one who made heads turn during by studying career. I was the only c***d of my family. Ashok too was quite handsome and again the only c***d in his family. He was lean in stature at 5'9" and his manhood was about 5-6" long.Ours was an arranged marriage. Though Ashok kept me sexually satisfied, the last couple of years' sex has been an on-and-off affair, due to our busy schedules. He works in an IT company in Pune as Senior Manager Sales, and has to work late to meet his targets and even travel out-station. I help out at a lady friend's bookshop close by, though I do not have fixed timings of work.I was aware of his work schedule before marriage and had prepared myself for these, sometimes long absences. Being brought up in an orthodox family, where even talking of sex was taboo, the taste of raw sex, had exposed me to novel experiences, unknown to me as a maiden. Our intercourse, or more aptly fornication, always in the traditional missionary style, right from the first night and further in the confines of our Pune flat, had opened the hidden flood gates of my sexual appetite. We were both novices in the sex act and had broken ice on the first night itself.We resided in a company allotted duplex bungalow on the outskirts of the city. This allowed me to wear dresses, which I could not wear in my parental home. The kitchen was very spacious and served as a dining room too. The kitchen counter was broad and was laid with highly polished granite slab, which I loved to keep shining & spick & span. Our house also had a beautiful garden all around and offered much needed privacy in this busy city, as well as a place to have our office parties.Our house had two bedrooms; one on the ground floor and one master bedroom on the first floor, which was occupied by us. The house had two bathrooms cum toilets -- one attached to our bedroom and the other common one on the ground floor. The kitchen was on one side of the bathroom which sandwiched the ground floor bedrooms and the sitting rooms. Attached to the kitchen was a small store room.Without wasting time, a little info about me; I am aged 28 years and married since the last 6 years. I am fair skinned and of height about 5ft 4" and have sea green eyes. My hair reached my waist. I had retained long hair as my husband liked them long. My body is slim, bordering thin and weighed a meager 45 kgs, with a set of very small pointy breasts with statistics placed at 28"; my college girl friends, called my tiny pair 'boiled eggs ...