1. The Rocker Part 1

    Date: 9/11/2019, Categories: Fiction First Time Fetish Teen Author: DBuck, Source: sexstories.com

    Copyright 2018 The Rocker Part 1 I watched her laying there asleep in the hotel room. Her long ginger hair splashed across the pillow and lightly snoring. Thinking back all these years and what it took to get here and how we never were together at first, but always knew it would be us in the end. Snapping out of it I realized it is time to get ready. I put on my tennis shoes the old fashioned converse my jeans and a black no trademark t-shirt with no logo. Looking in the mirror I see an older man 56 still have my long unruly dark brown hair not graying, but balding in the front bangs long gone. The unattractive face with brown eyes the hare lip hidden long ago with dentures. I am ready for the induction ceremony. I still have an hour before I wake her and call security so I grab a beer and sit back and wonder... How the fuck did I get here? *** Growing up in a middle class family in a suburbia western state was awful back then. I was born with a rare syndrome that causes the lower jaw to protrude out past my upper jaw and my teeth never fully developing or was nonexistent, which caused me to be the brunt of many jokes during junior high and high school. My parents used to tell me the doctors said that I would be mentally handicapped and that the syndrome was hereditary, even though family pictures prove nobody else looked this ugly. So my parents cursed me with the name of Dana Willie Burke "what the fuck did I ever do to you?" Should've just named me prison bitch. I have an older sister from another mister born six years before me when my Mom was sixteen and a younger sister born nine years after me. I never felt close to anyone in my family partly because they didn't understand me I guess or understand what I was going through. My Junior High years and some of my High School years was full of teasing, bullying and a lot of beatings. That is probably why the separation between me and my family, as I was always told to stop being a baby and stand up for myself. I was 5'11" and weighed 90 pounds!!! Yup 4 on 1 let's fucking go man.... Elementary school was fucking awesome; nobody cares what you look like at that age. I had a next door neighbor my friend Wayne and another next door neighbor Lisa. Lisa was beautiful with long blond hair blue eyes an angel's face. Me and Lisa was a couple we were best friends along with Wayne, and everyone in the neighborhood our age. We walked to school together every day. That lasted until the seventh grade when three eight graders caught us walking home from school. "Look at this ugly fuck right here," Bryan said who lives 2 houses down from me while pushing his bottom jaw forward matching my hare lip. I looked at my friends as they were running away and then being punched in the face. As I lay on the ground I was even kicked a couple times and left laying there. When I got home my parents just asked me what happened and why I didn't defend myself while my older sister chuckled. After that everyone avoided me even ...