1. daddys play toy the beginning

    Date: 9/11/2019, Categories: True Stories BDSM Incest / Taboo Author: pills13, Source: sexstories.com

    This is a true story. I have been dying to tell this to someone all these years. Let me tell you about myself I am 38 yrs old now and this is my fondest memory about my early sex life. My Parents have been divorced for as long as I can remember. I live with my Mom and on the weekends My dad has been using me for his sexual pleasure. Most of the time he would just strip me naked and put his cock between my legs and make himself cum. He would also suck on my cock and try to get me to cum but i must have been to young at the time. One day when I was young I was staying at my dads place for the weekend. No one was home it was just myself and him. We were doing a few things in the basement when we he walked over to me and started to kiss me. He slipped his tounge in my mouth as he pulled me close. My little cock started to get hard and he could see it sicking out the front of my sweat pants. He continued to kiss me as he moved his hands down my body until he started to rub my cock though my sweat pants I was really getting hard. He knew just how to get me all hot and bothered. He pulled my shirt over my head and started to suck on my nipples the warmth of his mouth made my little nipples hard. He would lick one then the other over and over as he stroked my cock. Reaching down he pulled my sweat pants and under wear off all at once leaving me standing completely naked infront of him. Reaching up and grabbing my nipples, he leaned down and took my now very hard cock in his mouth paying special attention to the head of my cock. The feeling of his lips around my cock was amazing. I couldn't help but moan out loud mmmmmmmmmm. His warm wet mouth felt so good on my little cock. I had never orgasmed before by him sucking my cock but i enjoyed the feelings so much. it was like electricity running from the end of my cock throught me. Oh god did I like having him suck my cock. "Aggggggg yes daddy" that feels so good I whispered to him. I was beginning to feel as if I was going to pee in his mouth so I warned him that I had to go to the bathroom. kneeling infront of me he asked if I was sure that I had to go. I said not any more now that he had stopped sucking my penis.. He smiled I guess he know more than me. He said not to worry about it and to enjoy the feelings he was giving me. I was really enjoying the feelings. He pushed my legs apart for some reason and then licked his finger and slid his finger in between my butt cheeks. he circled my butt hole with his finger and slowly started to press it into my ass my legs were spread so far apart that I couldn't really stand up to move away from his probing finger. It felt good as if he was pushing every nerve in my body sending waves of pleasure Through me. He Pulled his mouth off my cock to asked if I liked what he was doing and just then I blew my first load of cum onto his shirt. Oh god yes yes oh fuck was all I could hear myself moaning. He realized that I was cumming and quickly clamped his mouth on to my cock ...