1. Playing the Blues Ch. 03

    Date: 9/11/2019, Categories: Lesbian Author: byahaz, Source: Literotica

    The first half of their set went without a hitch and left Jenny feeling good about playing again. She spotted the girl from the music shop in the crowd and gave her a smile, receiving a smile and a wave in return. As they sat down for their break the girl came over to them. "Hi you're great again tonight." She said as she shook Jenny's hand. "Thanks, I'm still not as good as I used to be, still a bit rusty. I'm Jenny by the way." "Kate," The girl smiled. "I would have to disagree with you though, you're playing as well as ever." Jenny raised her eyebrows at this and indicated the girl sit down. She couldn't quite see how this young girl would know what she used to sound like. "I haven't seen you here before." Kate said quietly. "Well its not one of my usual hangouts that's for sure." Jenny laughed. "So how do you know that I play as good now as I did a few years ago?" Jenny asked curiously. "Well I heard you playing a few years back at the university hall." Kate was blushing furiously and rested her hand on Jenny's thigh as she spoke. Here we go again. Jenny thought. As she picked up Kate's hand. "Sorry Kate. I'm not inter..." Jenny was interrupted as the girl jumped to her feet with a sob and ran to the exit. " ... ested in girls, what the fuck!" Jenny got up quickly and went after the girl. "God I didn't intend to hurt anyone's feelings." she muttered as she hurried through the crowded club. When Jenny got to the foyer she saw Kate slumped across two chairs crying loudly, Nicky was just making her way over to the girl to see what was the matter with her. Jenny quickly caught up with Nicky and whispered, "Just give us five minutes can you Nicky." Jenny pulled the girl upright and hugged her as Kate tried to pull away. "Leave me alone, please." she cried. "Kate, please, I was trying to tell you I'm not into girls, it wasn't personal." "What do you mean." Kate was looking confused. "Just what I said, I wasn't trying to say I am not interested in YOU, I'm just not interested in girls, at least not that way. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upset you." "Um, you do know what sort of club this is don't you?" Kate smiled slowly at Jenny. Jenny laughed, "Of course I do, I've been hit on enough times this evening that I would have been able to work it out even if I hadn't known before." "So why are you here?" "Well I'd forgotten how much I love to play. The girls reminded me last night and I couldn't pass up the chance of two more nights, it didn't really matter where." "D'you know when I was fifteen some of my friends heard of this really great band that were playing up at the Uni, I begged my dad to let me go and see them, eventually he agreed. When the band came on the Bass player came to the front of the stage and I could have sworn that she smiled at me. Soon after she began to play she started to sing. I've never heard anything quite like it, her voice was perfect like the finest crystal." Kate looked shyly at Jenny. "I fell in love with her, with her ...